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Thread: Anyone seen a UFO?

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    I can now say that I have. I thought it was a meteor (though even at 12 y-o I still thought it looked odd for a meteor) until I watched the Disclosure Project and got interested in looking at pictures -- then saw a picture of the exact same object over Giza.I'm not saying it was alien. I'm just saying I used to think I knew what it was, and now I don't know. That IS the only definition of UFO.Finally: Q: How do you deal with someone who doesn't believe in UFOs?A: Chuck a pencil at the back of his head and wait for him to yell, "OUCH! What WAS that?"

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    Anyone seen a UFO?


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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    I heard, that some of these so-called UFO are actually army secret airplanes. High advanced and well hidden. They could possibly be real UFO's but that seems a little bit too scifi for me.

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    I saw Unknown Flying Object but i dont know it was ufo or Americans satellite or just an envision it was a big fast spot of light

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    I watched one for about 10 minutes until it became identified as a firefly between my inner door and my screen door. Just remember that your memory from when you were twelve is probably not that accurate and can be molded by the present very easily. The discovery channel did a show the other night on UFO's and proved that fact real time. Talk to any trial lawyer. The weakest evidence is an eye witness.

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    Yes, I have. Origin unknown, but have idea.Am almost certain what I saw in 2002, or thereabout, is this puppy that was shot in 65; if it is, they have been here for quite some time?http://www.ufocasebook.com/bernacillonm041865.jpgWhether the photo is genuine, I know not, it is however almost identical to what I saw at about the same height as is depicted. What I saw had an antennae strut and so does the depicted, and the color seems to be the same, kind of a reddish brown sort of, not shiny metallic.

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    i saw this one ufo is mexico and the alien came out and ate my dog

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    Anyone seen a UFO?

    Approx 1975 my husband, sister, a friend and I saw a very clearly a space ship. It was not technically a UFO. Everyone could identify it as a space craft of alien origin. It was no more than 100 yards away. So the view was very clear. We were all sober. Prior to seeing it up close, it followed us keeping up with our speed. At the time we had an 8 track tape disk. Prior to the Space craft the tape worked perfectly, as it always had. However, when we noticed the craft the tape began to skip at times and then speed up. We stopped the car at a look out point at High Cliff, in Sherwood, WI. We heard a whizzing noise. I looked to my right, and I remember this perfectly, four white beams from under the craft illuminated the grassy ground. They were very bright. We all looked and inside sitting at what I assume was the control panel were two alien creatures, green in skin color, over sized almond shaped heads. Their eyes were also almond shaped and quite large. It hovered seamlessly about 6 -10 feet from the ground. I was mesmerized . However the other three passengers were freaking out big time. My sister kept chanting out loud..."Go away! Go Away!" It stayed mid air for 5 minutes. Then carried straight up and away. We left the area with the craft following us (tape deck malfunctioning the entire time) again keeping up with our speed of 55 mph. It never went ahead or behind us. It kept level with our car. Right before we got into town the craft disappeared. It was very exciting. I have seen several other crafts but never again this close.

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