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Thread: Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    Apparantely UFOs are real, according to ABCNews.com. ABC News interviewed the former Governor of Arizona and did not discount his story about his UFO sighting in Phoenix 10 years ago. On the contrary, they are now giving a detailed account of what he saw with supporting testimony. If the mainstream media is now coming on board, is UFO disclosure going to be part of the 2008 election?Review the following ABCNews story of March 30, 2007.http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=2994569&page=1&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    ABC is nuts.

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    You think ABC will run my ads for tin foil fezzes(made from the finest foil,btw).

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    there are a lot of what is termed UFOs flying around all the time. NO, these are not alien spacecraft. a lot of it could be experimental military aircraft. BBDs are out flying around a lot. (Big Black Deltas) that's probably what he saw or something similar. Keep in mind that what is being engineered in aviation right now is totally out of the normal person's scope of reality.

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    People say that they have seen UFO's. I have never seen a clear and complete picture of ONE, 1, UFO in my life. Someone show me an unblurry, upclose, and complete picture of five UFO's and then I will be a believer. They don't exist and people who say that they saw one are just having fun with your imagination.

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    So, by reporting what he says he saw -- without attacking him personally because they disagree -- you think that's the same as saying he's right?Wow.News agencies were originally only supposed to report the facts, and let people tell their stories, and not make judgements about whether the person is right or not. I read a motto somewhere "We report. You decide."But apparently, by not discounting his story and attacking his credibility, even without saying anything else, that means they are saying he is correct. There is no such thing as neutral.Wow. What a mindset.~~~~~~EDIT: And for all those who missed the dictionary, "UFO" simply means "unindentified flying object". It doesn't mean "alien spacecraft". It only means "he saw something and didn't know what it was".

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    In high school (many moons ago) one of our classmates took some pictures of a group of UFOs. Within a couple of days there were military men at his door asking for the film and any copies. They told him to cooperate or he would wind up out in the desert somewhere where no one would find his bones.

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    Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?

    One of my teachers questioned if was a huge coincidence that the transistor was "invented" the year after the Roswell Crash.I have no doubt UFO's are real. What puzzles me is why we don't announce this to the world. Our biggest problem right now is a certain backwards, intolerant group of people hiding behind a certain religion. If we can prove there is life on other planets, their Middle Age mindset cannot continue. They will have to admit most or all of their religion is just fantasy, because it makes no provision for extra terrestrials, just as the Catholic religion once forbad people from saying the Earth wasn't the middle of the solar system.

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