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Thread: Is a full disclosure possible soon (2009)?

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    Is a full disclosure possible soon (2009)?

    When Obama is in power and releases important information about UFOs? The UK is already doing it and other nations like Russia have been wanting America to disclose any UFO phenomenon.

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    Is a full disclosure possible soon (2009)?

    I really don't know how Obama feels about UFO's.But I know he has bigger eggs to fry with the economy and the war.I believe in UFO's, Aliens and the cover up. Tons of people claiming sightings can not be all wrong. And I even believe in alien abductions. Does it not seem plausable that life on other planets want to see what life on our planet is all about? They are so much more advanced that us but they need us and keep returning for answers.It would take an hard core approach with getting out govt to disclose UFO's. Only if the people band together will this ever happen. And Obama's hands are full.

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