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    There's no evidence at all that aliens are visiting Earth. It looks like you're falling for conspiracy theories. Next time ask for hard evidence, like scientists do, and you'll see why we're telling you there aren't any aliens here.

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    LATELY IVE BEEN NOTICING ALOT OF MEDIA BEING POINTED TOWARDS UFOS. I SAW WHY AND WHO WAS BEING THE MOVIE BATTLE:LA. THE MAN WHO GETS INTERVIEWED FOR THE REASON THE MOVIE WAS MADE FOR WAS IN A VIDEO CALLED THE UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT.(LINK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0v0DhNcDn4),(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyVe-6YdUk) SECOND LINK IS A REAL LONG VIDEO ALL YOU NEED TO WATCH IS THE FISRT 20 MINS. SO YEA ALL THIS UFO STUFF HAS BEEN GETTING MY ATTENTION TOWARD THE QUESTION FOR THE GOVERMENTS. WE KNOW THERE HERE ALREADY SO QUESTION IS WHY ARE THEY HERE??INTENTIONS?? WHY DOES THE GOVERMENT NOT TELL US? WILL WE GET INVADED SO EASILY??WHY HAVENT THEY CONFRIRMED THE BASES IN THE MOON AND ALIENS AROUND THE EARTH???? NEED ASNWERSfor the person who commented this ther ir real hard evidence follow my links and you can see over 500 ex goverment officials willing to testify under oath what they encountered and seen and have written reports and data for them i have done my research!hence why i put the links that show proof.duh.

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    If you have to shout, your argument is weak.

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    People testifying under oath is not considered scientific evidence. Testifying is something done in civil and criminal trials, not in science.

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    Your paranoid fantasies have NOTHING to do w/reality.

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