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Thread: Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    The date is sometime in 2011 and a breaking news announcement interrupts basic cable TV. Top government and science officials disclose the fact that not only are we not alone in the Universe, but extraterrestrial visitors have been engaging this planet for centuries. Okay, so the cat is out of the bag. We now realize that aliens do in fact exist, the UFO phenomenon is real. How does life change after this? What do you predict would follow the announcement?Just some creative food for thought.

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    People will strive to know more about them.Create problems with religions.Many of the people in caves who didn't know of there existence will have to reconstruct their perception of life.I don't think it will change things much, many people already know of their existence and it's the year 2011so I think people are generally intelligent enough to accept it.

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    The UFO phenomenon is already real. That in NO way means an Unidentified Flying Object is loaded with alien beings. It SIMPLY means it can't be identified.

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    You is very young.The world is then end really! But it is will be mean on contrary again.Not bother,be happy...

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    Not much. The Bible has been telling us of other-worldly beings for thousands of years.

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    Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?

    After the initial burst of media induced hysteria things would quickly settle back to normal. After all, we have been fed a diet of "aliens exist" fiction and propaganda for years, so people are now completely comfortable with the idea.On the other hand imagine if there was an urgent announcement that scientists had found definitive proof that aliens did not exist, and that the only life in the entire universe was on Earth. That would be a truly astonishing revelation, that very few people would be prepared for. People would have to open their minds to this incredible new discovery. Once again, after the initial media induced hysteria (the media is big on hysteria), things would settle down, but now there would be a complete shift away from antiscience. The "new age" movement would lose all credibility. People would have to come out of their fantasy caves and embrace reality. We might even see society move towards a new rationalism where real science and real logic is king.Anyway there are some thoughts on the subject.Cheers!

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