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Thread: Why don't aliens just come out!?

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    What's the goal of the grays?1)They helped the Egyptians slave their people.2)They helped the Nazis build all of their alien ships but the nazis killed over 6 million people.3)They abduct us, take our sperm and women. 4)They like building sht on mars and the moon. They don't sound that friendly. What do you think their doing here and why can't they just leave us alone.How long do you think they will stay?Are they helping out planet?Do you think they will kill us all in the end? And why is my dog humping my leg right now? Every time I push him off he gets back on?)+ UFO Disclosure CNN(Larry King live)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvZuuym9kJ0&feature=related

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    The aliens should just come out. I think all the probing gave away their sexual orientation anyway.

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    u can start to search for positive thing an extraterestial do for us, not just a negative thing..maybe they same like us, some of them good and some bad..

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    well, we might be aliens for them and they are aliens for us. its just we don't have the technology to travel galaxy to galaxy. lets just think this way, if we come to their planet, what would we do?its the same like when aliens comes to our planet. just hope they're here for a good purpose

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    They are interdimensional beings, so you can't see them with... the frequency your brain is on.In other words, not in phase with our phyiscal world. They can be caught in reflections as can spirits and they can greatly affect the choices a person "thinks" they are making.

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    Why don't aliens just come out!?

    I do believe there is intelligent life "out there" but I disagree with you on 1-4. I am not sure they are visiting at all.

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