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Thread: What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

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    What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

    If I was you I'd get myself a hobby!!

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    What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

    The last month i have been on the internet frequently reading on certain special past, future and current conspiracies/events. I've become quite interested in a few things although i need concrete proof to believe in something. a few things are the NWO, ancient astronauts, complete UFO disclosure and WW3 and the Galactic Federation.I am still not sure whether i am a religious person or not as i have my own beliefs and science has facts, so my view is neutral on all of these things.I'm just wondering if you believe that their really is a secret society (perhaps being ruled by one person) controlling world governments etc. to bend people to its will and achieve world domination.(I think it's possible but i can't see one group gaining so much power with so much difference in the world)If you believe the people of ancient times were visited by aliens who helped develop their civilization.(i think this is true from ancient pictures and paintings showing beings who look like aliens or of a higher power, even spacecraft portrayed to modern detail)If you think WW3 will occur (some people consider it already started, in sort of a prelude. i mean all out fighting, possibly nuclear war) and what effect will it have on the earth, will humans survive.(I think there will be a WW3 but i don't think it will be a total nuclear annihilation, i actually suspect technology is already available in secret to stop/disable or destroy nuclear weapons before they can be detonated)Lastly, I've only just began reading about the Galactic Federation who is supposedly formed up of many alien civilizations that prevent corruption and evil and who will save earth from the NWO. (I think it's a load of BS, just my opinion)once again just my opinion, i probably have no idea what I'm talking about. You don't have to give a detailed answer, short answers are fine.Extra:I think the 2012 "phenomenon" is a load of bull inflated from the basic fact of the Mayan calender ending on 2012, i do not believe anything will happen, apart from false expectations, some media coverage and a few suicides... it wouldn't surprise me, anyway just get the idea that I'm not a nutcase.How about an answer that ANSWERS my QUESTION?is that too hard for you?

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    What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

    Conspiracies are always breaking out into the open. For example, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler all started off small in some back room.

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    What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

    Ok. I am being very serious here and not making fun of you. I do not believe that there is a NWO. I do not believe that there is a Galactic Federation. I think that there are fewer conspiracies than people think. I believe people just want there to be conspiracies because then it would mean that there is more to this world. That we really aren't alone. If there was a secret society controlling our government, or the NWO, or a Galactic Federation I really truly believe that we would be more in the know of them. These stories on the internet are purposely made to confuse and freak people out. If you enjoy reading them, then fine but don't take everything you read for truth.

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    What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

    The biggest conspiracy is that there's a man living in a cloud who doesn't have to show up in order to prove his existence, but he asks for money and people give $95 billion annually, mostly from the poor and middle class. And disagreements regarding this myth that came from Bronze Age people have been causing violence, wars and social unrest for thousands of years.

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