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Thread: Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    Or an accident which threatened disclosure of a US method for detecting nuclear explosions?

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    Neither. It was pure farce!

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    I was stationed at Cannon AFB in Clovis, NM. I know what I know. You have the right to think how you do, but know this. I may or may not no things, but by such nature of the incident. That's strictly a "need to know" and sorry friend you don't need to know. So "the man" your watching, I know, so your "secrets" if I know or not. They're save!

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    An accident. There are sound channels both in the atmosphere and also in the ocean, which are sandwiched between inversion layers and permit sound to travel ultra-long distances with only linear reduction in amplitude. In 1947, we had baloons in the ozone area with microphone strings that were able to detect atomic explosions thousands of miles away. That was actually how we detected the first Soviet nuclear test. One of those baloons was the source of the Rosewell "incident."I suppose most physicists know this, at least I first heard the facts from a UC Professor in Physics 10..

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    I am so tired of this argument. Roswell was not a UFO. It was, as the government stated, a weather balloon (or something similar). The strange metallic material that found that has everyone so excited was alumanized plastic (the stuff we use in potato chip bags now). Which was a new discovery. It is possible that the Gov't did not want that widely known. But that is the extent "cover-up". Oh, also for you other conspiracy theorists. JFK was killed bt a line gunman and it was not a mafia, or Cuban conspiracy. Give us all a break and get some help.

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    Was Roswell a UFO coverup?

    Hello Bert, It's Logan. Roswell was an "unidentified craft". Doesthat mean "space ship"? Not necessarily. It is not known.it is "unidentified". The German scientists in WWII wereworking on some kind of anti-grav craft but I don't knowif they got very far. Our government is not "talking".Look in a Bible and read Ezekiel --------what did this sheepherder see in the desert? It had "wheels within wheels" thatpowered it and it made a noise "like a great wind". Manyancient texts mention "flying shields" (metal disks).You can spend a lifetime studying this stuff.

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