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Thread: are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    Aliens may exist yup

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    personally i dont think the usa Government or any other governments will announce such thing .. it will just cause Mass panic .but personally if the government doesn't say anythin... Et's will though . reason why i'm askin u this question, I'm just curious wot other people think about this subject ...I research about Ufo's on the internet and u have to be very care full not to find any disinformation. just go with your intuation ( your gut feeling ) if u do come to this ... can u tell me this though ... Do u think tht we'll have first PUBLIC contact ? and recently i was told on u tube and he sed tht Obama has been given the GREEN LIGHT to disclose this ,.... It will happen next month which is not soo long of . but we all know wot might happen it might not even happen ..he might get assainated .. Like J.F.K its not long of untill Obama says something soo we have to wait and see wot happens

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    Saying the gov't wont disclose information about aliens because it would cause mass panic is a cop-out excuse for lack of evidence on the part of conspiracy theorists. According to gallop polls 70% of people already believe Aliens are here, and guess what, the mass panic is not happening. Plus, if the gov't made it a point to cover up anything that might cause mass panic, why didn't they attempt to cover up the recent stock market crash, which caused a heck of a lot more panic than aliens would. The gov't isn't capable of such a coverup. The fact is, that if aliens are real, and here, then they wouldn't help us with technology, nor would they be interested in being part of government affairs. Their technology would be so far ahead of our, we are the social equivalent of a colony of ants. If you were a scientist studying ants, would you help them with their technology, and get involved with their gov't? Think about it that way. Plus we are talking a culture who has mastered time and space. They aren't going to be crashing on earth, building large primitive stone structures, and mutilating cattle. In short. No space aliens are not here.

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    i think aliens not exist, but other source of life may be present in the universe

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    Aliens have no existance and incase if they exist they have no concenr with human world and they are not in between us...well what u get scared is not of alliens its your inner self insecurity................

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    Everybody is too ignorant for the truth: Aliens are real and they have visited earth before and have shaped the way we live today. Different species still visit the earth today. People refuse to believe what they don't understand.

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    are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?

    There are two major groups that plug their ears and hum rather than hear the truth. Some are the religious types that are offended at the very idea of aliens because they can't see their biblical context. The other is the secular skeptics who bask in the plausible denial that there is anything greater than humanity in the whole universe. U make the point about ET initiating the contact and in fact they already have, but to individuals and not the public at large. I used to be interested in being among the ones to know these aliens, but the cost was too high. Yes they're real. They fit the biblical description of angelic beings. The alien/abduction stories are the fallen angels, and the angel encounters described by some Christians deal with the opposite. But, they are aliens and the universe is as big and scary as the scientists say that it is. These beings are all players in a legal contest over the hearts and minds of human beings and what direction they will take; it should be logical to any skeptic that humankind would become the object of a legal argument over different methods of governance at this exact point in earth history -- big red button invented, not yet pushed. If the contest is best played out with the freedom to disbelieve firmly in force, then there will be no disclosure. What people seek after is a reflection of what is in their heart. How else should it be?

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