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Thread: How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    Science doesn't say that aliens can't exist. What we know about the universe seems to suggest that the conditions for supporting complex lifeforms are rather rare, but the universe is a big place after all. But that's also part of the problem -- the universe is a big place, and unless the aliens have found a way around the speed of light problem, they are going to have a problem making a visit.I'd say that (1) is most likely, and perhaps (3) in some cases. I can't completely discount the possibility that aliens exist and have made a visit, but I don't think it's likely.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    Over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses are testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology and the cover-ups that keep this information secretDo skeptics believe1) The witnesses are mistaken2) The witnesses are not intelligent3)The witnesses are spreading disinformation4)The witnesses are nonexistent5) Have been programmed to believe that aliens can't exist because science says it's not possible, therefore, cannot commenthttp://disclosureproject.org/So, Tuk, I'll put you down as a 5Although I wish I could agree that reality is what the majority of people say it is I have doubts after having witnessed UFOs myself. Tuk, it would be interesting to see how you would handle credible witness testimony in court by people who have direct connection to the case, "Oh, there are alot of people who disagree with the witness even though they are not witnesses themselves nor have they done any serious investigation of the evidence provided or they may even have motive to deny the witness testimony because they are part of the conspiracy so I will believe the majority opinion and ignore the credible ones because more people just can't be wrong."TR, wormholes could be one way that's accepted by science to cross vast distances in short periods, however the means doesn't interest me as much as the reason for visitation or why the government has continued the cover-up.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    I feel skeptical.So only 400 people say aliens are real, what about all the thousands of scientists and military personnel that say they are not?I'll believe when there is better evidence than a few hundred people just saying some stuff.EditWhen I say 'not real' I mean never visited the earth or been detected by humans, there may well be aliens some place millions of miles away, we have no way of knowing.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    You're American, aren't you.......seriously, mainly (1). Bright lights and unidentfied objects in the sky may be many many things. Aliens is ridiculously unlikely. Not only would they have no reason to visit and then bugger off, but do you really think they'd be clever enough to avoid all the various tracking systems, yet allow themselves to be seen by random individuals???.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    With 1,3,4 all of these are true,number 2 is not always true.With 5,I've never heard a scientist or anyone interested in science say that.The only folks I've heard categorically say life elsewhere in the universe cannot exist are some religious folks.That's not a knock on them only that they believe themselves to be gods only important creation.As far as eyewitness testimony,it's known to be very unreliable.People testify in their own perceived best interest.Whether for attention,personal gain or maybe they're mistaken.Others may be caught in a lie.Maybe they've convinced themselves it's true.I'm not saying life doesn't exist on other planets.Only that it's unlikely they've visited Earth.More unlikely,is a gigantic conspiracy keeping their existence a secret.I've worked for the government and been in the military.Now,think of Iraq and the intelligence community.The fact they've had those jobs does not impress me.Majority opinions are also unreliable.That's why the founding fathers gave the US a Republic not a Democracy.Not believing in UFO conspiracies,does not mean we don't believe in life on other planets.It means the evidence does not support it.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    Ah, Greer again. That guy is certifiable. And to answer your question, I believe there is a disproportionate number of mentally ill people in the UFO/conspiracy community. I believe many events attributed to an ET source aren't ET in nature. I believe many people who think they saw an ET UFO really didn't. I believe where evidence is scant ideology takes over.The fact of the matter is, the VAST majority of ET UFO "evidence" amounts to nothing more than anecdotes. And, contrary to the opinion of many paranormal advocates, many small pieces of bad evidence do not amount to one large piece of good evidence. A large pile of manure is still just manure.Conclusion: I believe many UFO reports are just a "God of the gaps" explanation for natural phenomena used by people who are predisposed to believe in conspiracies. In other words, ET UFOs are a cultural phenomenon.

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    I've listened to over 20 different radio presentations with Dr. Steven Greer, which is actually not that much compared to how many he has actually done. But what I can say is that I've got a pretty decent idea of how he may be. One of the most excellent demonstrations of a persons character, in my personal opinion, can be found in more subtle things they do in their presentation to the public in the form of: body language, tone of voice, attitude, and obviously what it is they are saying in response to a tricky question. But these 4 things I just identified in the above sentence must be a result of somebody applying the proper amount of pressure ,with the proper approach. This is just my opinion, but I think I saw an interesting approach taken by Steven in one of his most recent interviews on something called "The Paracast".He was directly confronted on some key issues; SOME of these key issues he didn't seem to offer a good response to at all. During this interview he seemed to be avoiding some things, and he seemed to be intentionally speaking for extended periods of time in order to promote his version of the truth, while simultaneously avoiding possible scrutiny from the radio talk show host.This particular interview made me suspicious of Dr. Greer, but one thing that made me incredibly frightened was the attitude of the radio talk show host and his friends AFTER Dr. Greer went off air. The talk show host had one tone of voice during the entire show, and then after Greer went off the air, his compusure changed DRAMATICALLY, as well as his over all tone and atttiude. He seemed like a high school kid saying VERY negative things about Steven, and it was honestly pretty frightening to hear such vicious negativity towards someone in the UFO community(Greer). I encourage everyone to watch this interview, specifically, because it offers some scrutiny of Greer... Whereas in most of Greer's OTHER interviews and talks, he doesn't seem to have someone analyzing him so rigidly.Ultimately I am totally up in the air on Greer. Obviously I think he is suspicious, but I can't tell anyone what he's up to because I don't know. I would say that he could easily be working for government, or possibly even the people(or creatures) several stages above our government. I find that one thing is blatantly clear though. If you look into the Alien scenarios deep enough, past what you are being told in the main stream and past what you will be told by just a few people. You will find out that SOMETHING very unusual is going on on this planet, and possibly even in our entire universe. Something that is challenging to identifiy, and this is probably not by accident.For the person who said that he thinks many people in the UFO community are mentally ill, I would say that that is a decent hypothesis. But a better hypothesis is that a high majority of the people inhabiting this planet are completely insane, masquerading as people that are sane. Take a look at our current understanding of the universe: the one that says there are possibly MILLIONS of planets existing in the habitable zone of a galaxy, with billions of galaxies in the universe. This easily suggests that there could be life forms somewhere else in the universe, and with that said, for anyone to ridicule other people on this planet for believing in the possibility of aliens visiting planet earth is actually retarded, by definition. (For the definition of retarded, see www.dictionary.com).

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    Ufos are indeed real. Ancient cultures practically gave homage to them. The misstepped, mislabeled, and misidentified conclusions thus far furnished by so-called "experts" today ignore it as on-going. They have no real clue to a sound direction of genuine research. Every book I read within my own research of the UFO/abduction enigma held numerous paralleling inclusions which confirm not only what they really are, but why; with all the fuss. It doesn't "matter" who does, or doesn't belief they exist, nor the realization that they have a "motive" behind their visitations/abductions? I'm very sorry that there are more people out there than you can shake a stick at that can't sufficiently deduce some idea by ready available information. As for the U.S. government's Ufological involvement; they do have blood on their hands here? The Holy Bible holds the U.S. government's interplay as active. All ancient cultures which took up apprenticeship with super foreign entities were demised by God himself; destroyed. The U.S. government currently has the proverbial "football" now within the lines of helping themselves to technologies, and information not privy for Mankind to know. ..."if they tell you Christ is in the desert, do not go, if they tell you Christ is in the hidden Chamber, do not believe them"... Why is the Bible addressing this concern? Because various people are begining to lean toward the idea that extraterrestrials "could very well be" our creators, which aren't of extraterrestrial origin,but are beings of circumstance. Our U.S. government has Area 51 (in the desert), an underground facility ( the hidden chamber), revolving around top secret operations, aspired by the Blue Book investigations of sightings, and abductions, and the Rosewell Incident (the suspected Christ).

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    How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?

    1, 2 and 3, or a combination of those seems most likely. Eye witness testimony is terribly unreliable. Not one of them has the smoking gun evidence. The masses have been fooled before.

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