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Thread: Just watching Letterman,is an alien agenda within proximity?

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    Just watching Letterman,is an alien agenda within proximity?

    Go to Youtube and look up the Disclosure Project. It is a group of former government officials who are trying to get congress to disclose information about aliens and UFO's that has been known for decades. Three hundred eye witnesses, I believe. It scared the bejeezers out of me. You cannot really go into it aside from religion, but since you didn't ask about that, this information should do. I believe that aliens do exist, but not as we know them. You can also look up "aliens in historical art" on google, and you will seriously be astounded. Cue the X-file music, and enjoy.

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    Just watching Letterman,is an alien agenda within proximity?

    There is much traffic in false information, as is usual,however,the recent concerns of so many nut jobs as well as seemingly rational individuals about a disclosure of events regarding UFO's is too much to ignore-is it just the general panic about the present state of world affairs or a possible precursor of things to come?I don't take this too seriously,just curious about your opinion.-----please no long rants by fanatics unless you have some as yet unseen proof,not merely blurry photographs. Beyond that what is your non-fanatical perspective?I'm more interested in the human component,by the way.Its' ok,we're all anonymous here.We are,aren't we?I guess I'm asking why our natural fascination with the subject is so pervasive of late?Is it just because such programs are cheap to produce (my thought) and pretty much guarantee a good audience given all the, Jerry Springer-inspired,"reality" shows, or is there something to it.I'm about 95% sure that we've been visited,but I've felt that way for 30-40 years ever since I read that early 60's book about the abducted couple in Maine.Why the sudden interest when nothing of other than a few, bright lights has happened in years?

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    Just watching Letterman,is an alien agenda within proximity?

    Read the book "Alien Agenda" by Thomas Mann. He shows how crop circles, remote viewing (which was instigated by the U.S. government), UFOs, and other phenomena are inter-related. If I remember correctly (it's been years since I read the book), he talked about how aliens have been hovering about 600 miles above Earth waiting for us to start blowing ourselves up before they come down and intervene. -RKO- 06/11/08

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