The Unexplained with Dennis Whitney
Don’t Buy into the ET Fear Written by Dennis Whitney There’s a lot of talk these days about whether or not ET Disclosure is truly and finally at hand. Could it be? Well, if you listen to the likes of David Wilcock, Michael Salla, and any number of ‘secret’ sources in the ET community, we may now be closer than many have dared to believe. Well, I believe. But you already know that I was hoping for it back in the Spring of this year, and not a minute later! I’m a little impatient with the big stuff that relates to a complete change of consciousness and shifting paradigms throughout the universe. Forgive me. Very 3-year-old, I can be. But listen, I’m even hearing the rumblings of a November 27th event! Others have merely stated by ‘the end of the year’. Seriously, what’s the difference? Mankind has waited eons for the explicit sharing of truth to this reality, and it could possibly happen. Seriously. This time, it may be for real. I’m not holding my breath, but there is a strange number of corroborating signatures to this, that is very new to me. Something is definitely in the air.