In our entire existence any Entity whether Reptilian, Ghost, Shadow Being, or any other negative force has always been none other than Beings who departed worlds spiritually defunct. In many cases these Beings are our Ancestors, related by the connection of the Universal Family Tree. The Ancients always have known this and have confirmed that not all Ancestors are good and not all Spirits have our best interest in mind. One must be trained how to distinguish one from the other and how not to be played on by their emotions, especially fear.

We have now embarked on yet another journey imperative to completing the Universal Path. That is of the identification of Spirits and the knowledge of the Spiritual Realm. I congratulate all who have made it this far. The deep study of the Spirit world is not for Neophytes, one should seriously consider how much progress they have made in other areas introduced before they deem themselves ready to just jump right into this.