Preparation of introduction to ET’s R U ready?

With the recent interview with Clay and Shawn Pickering with regard to Disclosure and various types of ET…

Listen here if you haven’t already…highly recommended listening.

I think we all need to really take this on board….seriously think about it.

Will you be prepared?

What type of ET’s initially will we be presented with?

Which one would you be more shocked with??

A small T rex? (reptilian)


A rock/crytaline living form ... I have never heard this one before?!
(I suppose we need to look at the diversity we have on this planet...then multilply the life forms by millions in the universe)

An insectoid?? Yuk!!!

A Grey ... short or tall

Can you imagine how the masses are going to react with this information?

How will your friends/family react?...Will you have the knowledge and courage to explain the different scenarios being presented and unfolded whilst Disclosure is here?

I wonder how all of us will react to these findings?

Just some thoughts to ponder...