Some of you may have heard that Bob Lazar (of Area-51 Fame) had undergone hypnotic regression, but those transcripts were not available to the public until recently, when John Lear - son of the genius Bill Lear and friend of Bob Lazar- began releasing these transcripts onto the internet.

The Lazar story is a controversial one and many people are dismissive of the man's tale, however it is important to gather as much data on it as possible and these transcripts help to form a more complete history of the events of that time, regardless of whether or not they lend credence to the story told by Lazar.

For your viewing pleasure and to aid in your research, I will now post portions of those transcripts which have already been released and provide a link to the remainder. The images have been resized to aid in viewing and to save bandwidth and download time. The pages are from the second regression session which was taped and transcribed by John Lear.

The 'First Five' pages:

Links to rest of the pages:

And here is the link to the site where John Lear began posting the transcripts:

Open Minds Forum - Lazar Regression Transcribed August 10, 1989