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Thread: CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

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    CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    Not surprisingly the Central intelligence agency must tell fabrications, however it is an very strong rebuttal.

    "...it is as impossible to confirm UFOs in the present as it will be to deny them in the future." ~Dr. Wernher von Braun

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    Re: CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    I have sort of lost track of Dr. Greers activities since he hosted a get together here near Joshua Tree. I had considered sending one of my companions to his meeting but noticed both the hefty price for the seminar and the requirement that each participant had to agree to sign a non disclosure about what had happened during that event..... which meant that the person I would sponsor would not even be able to share information on what he had learned at the event. I suppose that the same sort of gag order prevailed for the rest of those who paid that price and attended the meeting. That smelled terribly fishy to me.....

    Anybody have a contrary thought? Anybody go to any of those meetings under the stars? Can you talk about them?

    I touched Dr. Greers elbow once at a conference. At the time I sensed that he was earnest but very much on edge and in the middle of an emotional warfare which was too foggy for me to understand.... so I withdrew my interest in his activities. What has happened now and I wonder who won that battle. Linda

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    Re: CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    FYI guys-- Dr. Greer actually responded to Woolsey's letter when it came out back in 1999. It's on the CSETI website under "Position Papers."

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    Re: CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    ts interesting to me that the four of the parties in question would take the time..after noticing his book and the comments that he made in it... to contradict what he had said.... or did they really. The letter with the four of their signatures prominently displayed makes a sort of show of it.... reprimanding him actually for " bad manners".... but what have they actually said. If they were REALLY upset he would be hearing from a lawyers office.

    And I find it interesting when a CIA officer of any rank says that your story was " inaccurate".

    Been my experience, if they want to discredit you.... and you have said that " so and so met so and so... at 7pm...." Everything mentioned could be totally accurate... but if the meeting was a 7:01.... You were " inaccurate" and if their cause needs to have that disclaimer out there they will certainly pull that on you.

    The same thing applies to getting information....If your question is one inch off the mark in anyway they use it as an excuse not to know anything about THAT PARTICULAR situation because, you see, you have given them an open door. These are professionals at protecting and twisting information to benefit their side ( which I hope they all remember while they are doing it.... is OUR side too.) Linda

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    Re: CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)

    I have not seen Greers response yet but would be interested in hearing what the rest of you think of it.
    Remember this interaction was fourteen years ago. What has happened since?


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