Steven Bassett is not wasting any time moving the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure forward. He is raising the issue to the UN in order to continue the Disclosure movement.

Stephen Bassett, who organized the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, said that he will be raising the issue to the United Nations in order to continue his efforts for extra-terrestrial disclosure. His own Paradigm Research Group just recently sent out a press release detailing their statement regarding the clamour for the UN to host a world conference on the possible extra-terrestrial life proof of existence in this planet.

Four out of six former members of congress signed the statement. The six former representatives were the ones who made up the committee that heard testimonies from UFO witnesses and researchers during the five-day hearing at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

The statement was signed by former congresswomen Carolyn Kilpatrick and Lyn Woolsey, former senator Mike Gravel and former congressman Merrill Cook. The other two members of the committee were former congresswoman Darlene Hooley and ex-congressman Roscoe Bartlett. The two did not sign the statement because of post-employment restrictions on Congressional Members and officers.

The hearing highlighted the claims of several witnesses from different countries on their UFO and extra-terrestrial encounters. Bassett is hoping that one or some of these countries would come forward to sponsor the proposed global conference.