One of the most compelling parts of the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was the testimony from Sergeants John Burroughs and Jim Penniston in regards to their inability to access their medical records from 1980 when they had encountered an unidentified flying object while on active duty at RAF Bentwaters. Many people are familiar with the Bentwaters UFO Incident, but it was only recently made public that both Burroughs and Penniston suffered from radiation exposure while they were in close proximity to the unknown object and have also suffered from anomalous physical injuries. In recent years they have tried to get medical attention and the Veterans Administration has discovered that their medical records from that time period while they were in service are classified and unavailable. Why would that be? Nobody knows whether their incident was of extraterrestrial origin or part of a covert operation, but the fact that their medical records are classified proves that something extraordinary did happen.