The stone spheres of Costa Rica

Monday, July 6, 2009

In Costa Rica there are hundreds of stone balls that are not equal in terms of size or weight, but all perfectly round. After many balls in the time of colonization by mining or military exercises were damaged or destroyed, the bulbs now adorn private gardens. To date, they scientists riddles.

At various places in Costa Rica are in casual or archaeological excavations, multiple stones emerged. They were in the mud of river deltas or in the bottom of the jungle. The information provided on these spheres, is very limited.

We know that the heaviest so far found ball weighed about 16 tons. Each ball is perfectly round in shape, in other words, the diameter is equal at any point. Many bulbs have a very smooth surface, which probably produced by long polishing with a mixture of sand and water. It seems unlikely that the spheres naturally form received. The question remains how the then Costa Ricans also in larger spheres, which weigh tons, about even reached around thing. Besides the necessary knowledge of the geometry must also have technology which allows the bulbs as they could. Without mechanical devices is to make a ball almost impossible. The issue is further complicated because the balls of one type of granite that are not on the place where most balls are found. About fifty kilometers upstream is a granite quarry in the conscious.

Astrology or religion?

The sites of the bulbs are used mostly Indians lived, but until now there was no strain found that legends about the makers of these balls has. Also it seems no one wanted to hold parents responsible for the manufacture or otherwise contribute to explaining the enigma. Yet it is undisputed that the bulbs have a special significance for the Indians, as archaeologists have found smaller spheres as burial gifts. Sometimes they thought the ranking of the smaller specimens astronomical constellations as constellations to be discovered. They could not apply this insight to the larger spheres, which in the course of centuries, so were exposed to natural disasters and external influences that the original arrangement in most cases were no longer making. The few exceptions in which the ranking was still recognizable, it appears that the suspicions of astrological / astronomical significance to confirm. The bulbs were placed in long rows, lines or triangle wave patterns. Moreover, the symbolization of celestial bodies by spheres contrary to the beliefs of the Incas and Mayans, celestial bodies that represent the sun as a disk. All this presupposes that Costa Rica was the home of a fully self-contained culture, which many scientists considered unlikely. Another theory suggests that the perfection with which the authors have made their spheres an expression of religious experience: the bulbs as results of their dedicated work, should be seen as a symbol of divine perfection. That would be at an explanation for the fact that there is little evidence about an ancient religious belief. Whether this theory is based on facts we will probably never be able to say with certainty.

Source: World secrets