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Thread: Fake "Witness" to 9/11?

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    Fake "Witness" to 9/11?

    In the video below you see a guy on the streets surrounding the World Trade Center being interviewed by a FOX News reporter, who sounds more like an actor than just some regular person who happened to witness the events. Who is this guy, and what makes him an expert on how the buildings fell? Why is he telling us how the buildings fell before even many of the so-called "experts" knew? Why is he talking like he is trying to sell you something, kind of like the people you see in infomercials? This seems more than just a little fishy.

    Video Description:

    It is too obvious that this guy was planted to get the government's story into the minds of the public as soon as possible. Just like the BBC in England aired live on their news that Building 7 had collapsed, 20 minutes before it actually did, this guy on the street had a script to speak before the sun rose that day.
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    Re: Fake "Witness" to 9/11?

    You're right! He does seem to know a little too much about how the buildings fell a little too quickly. He knows they fell from the heat of the intense fires? How would he know this?

    I think he was planted by the media.
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