Cable TV workers spying on citizens

"Give your family and neighbors for a small sum of money"
Employees of Bright House Networks to look for "suspicious behavior".

According to law enforcement and DHS guidelines, this includes among other things, politically active, bumper stickers or disagree with the government.

One of the largest cable companies in the United States to train its employees to look for suspicious behavior and to notify the authorities under the guise of a neighborhood watch initiative. As suspicious behavior by law enforcement and Homeland Security guidelines possession of weapons, active and political bumper stickers on your car, will at the next visit of the cable TV technician to your house, have a greater impact than you originally expected.

"Operation Bright Eyes is designed for the eyes and ears of Bright House Networks Field Service representatives and other employees to maximize easy to identify suspicious behavior and promptly reporting of criminal activity to the police," according to a Fox 35 report

All current and new Bright House staff will receive training to help them in using the resources they have at their disposal "to" become familiar with residents and wijkactiviteiten and report to the authorities of what they consider unusual to "keep neighborhoods safe."

Since when is it up to the cable TV technician for walking as an undercover cop? This program is ripe for abuse and a new step in the Stasi informers society being created to enable citizens to monitor their own behavior, constantly aware of being watched by the secret police and to live in fear that Big Brother will be a small indiscretion found.

The training of Americans to spy on each other in the name of "security" has its origin in Operation TIPS, a DoJ, FBI, DHS and FEMA coordinated program that 1 in 24 Americans would be recruited as domestic informants, a higher percentage than the Stasi in Communist East Germany.

Public funding was stopped after protests, but private funding was to continue the same program was introduced under a number of subdivisions including Ameri Corps, Secure Corps and the Highway Watch program.

More recently, reported ABC News that "the FBI the CIA to help thousands of secret informers in the United States to recruit as part of an effort. .. In support of criminal investigations."
In July last year reported Wars Info on how hundreds of police, fire, ambulance and utility workers were trained to be deployed as "Terrorism Liaison Officers" in Colorado, Arizona and California to look for "suspicious activities" which are then in a secret government database.

Last year, praised an article in The New York Times that a growing number of Americans were informants and their neighbors and relatives to the authorities indicated in exchange for a monetary reward.

In the piece on a new program that Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, which was led first gas prices, foreclosure rates and food inflation were, The Times took the fact that citizens are indicated and therefore were responsible for a significant increase in arrests and back from (stolen) property callers by their neighbors, grandchildren or former friends indicated in exchange for a little money. "

Remember Orwell's 1984, this purebred tyranny is about as advanced as the dictatorship portrayed in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "The Running Man," in which citizens by huge TV screens on every street corner are reminded that they "can earn a double bonus by their family members to give. "

The Bible has thousands of years ago on this social development discussed

"One brother, the other to extradite him to death, and fathers will do the same with their children, and children will at times their parents and let them execute. You will be hated by everyone because of my name (Jesus), but who maintains to the end will be saved. "(Matthew 10:21) (Mark 13:12)

Bright House Networks has 2.4 million customers and covered a number of major cities, including Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida, Bakersfield, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, Detroit, Michigan, and Birmingham, Alabama, along with several other smaller regions in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Perhaps the figure of 2.4 million will decrease once customers find out that the cable TV mechanic check them for suspicious activity.

What a suspicious activity is not mentioned, but if this is in line with law enforcement and Homeland Security directives - then it.

As we have already reported, people who exhibit suspicious behavior by the authorities defined in documents such as the MIAC report, together with the Homeland Security lexicon files, - They are Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people with bumper stickers, people who own gold, " end "Christians and even people with an American flag.

Homeland Security puts people who disagree with the government, even equal to domestic extremists and terrorists. So if a cable TV technician Alex Jones DVD in your TV cabinet shall lie or a Bible on the table, this will be a mandate for a bell with the police?

There seems little need for President Obama to have promised "domestic security force" to. Such a step would only mean a centralization of what already is, because many program s in the country to Americans training to each other to give.


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