Seven year old boy could "see" through his ears

October 7, 2009

Lucas Murray was born blind seven years ago and his life was doomed to depend on other people. But the seven year old boy from Great Britain taught himself to look through his ears. He was even nicknamed the "bat boy.

Who does does keep Lucas busy, would not say that the boy is blind, he just walks around and even plays basketball. The only remarkable thing about the seven years that he kept his tongue is clicking. He does this to see things around him'.

Echoing System
Lucas Murray is making use of the ultrasound system, as bats and dolphins do objects near to him he can see with a sonar clicking he makes with his mouth. By clicking his tongue, then the sound bounces back to objects that are nearby. The longer he hears an echo, the farther away the object is. And if the first echo reaches his right, then he knows that the subject right of him.

For the seven year old boy this was not easy to learn this technique, but after three days of intensive training by a gentlemen in California, Daniel Kisch, who is blind himself, he managed to learn it. "I am very pleased with the click system. Now I use my click to find out where my basket ring is because I love basketball," Lucas said in The Sun.

His parents say he is so independent that he hardly needs to ask for help. "He has no more help than a normal seven year old."

See here is a video of this remarkable boy.

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