Ax of 1.8 million years old, excavated in Malaysia'
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Groningen, Monday, 2 February, 2009

Archaeologists from Malaysia say seven axes of 1.8 million years old have been excavated. If so, it is the oldest ever found axes.

Image: Universiti Sains Malaysia

The axes were found in June last year in Perak, a state in northwestern Malaysia. A laboratory in Tokyo, the age of the axes at 1.83 million years. Mokhtar Saidin, head of the Center for Archaeological Research, University of Malaysia, has recently let me know.

The laboratory calculated the age of the axes on the basis of the rock where they were found. Archaeologists hope the area to find human remains. That opportunity, however, consider them small, given the hot and humid climate in the area.

The axes are found the oldest evidence of the presence of prehistoric man in southeast Asia. The invention would be known as Movius Line reject theory that says that the ax in this area was not used.

The oldest evidence of human life in Malaysia previously found were stone tools of about 200,000 years old. These were found in the same area. The oldest human remains in Malaysia were found about ten thousand years old