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Camera viewing shall adopt bilboerd
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Advertisers have found a way to determine how much and how long people watch commercials. Small cameras in or around the screen to make, it is sex, age and even ethnic origin mapping and using it to change the displayed advertisements. The tracking system is considered a gold mine for advertisers defined, which can finally see how effective their advertising is targeted. Comparisons with Minority Report, according to supporters not to, since this system only the appearance of people sets.

A display, for example, an engine advertising to a group of men, but switches to an advertisement for a minivan when women and children in the neighborhood, "says Vicki Rabenou of TruMedia Technologies, one of the companies developing the technology. Since monitoring someone far removed from Big Brother, manufacturers do everything possible to eliminate this idea. If the system no information on who is looking to advertising.

Determining a person's sex, most systems now good, but the age remains a problem, which applies to all ethnic origins. "Even though the system is 70% accurate, you have a wealth of information", is consumer psychology professor Deborah Mitchell further.

The Center for Democracy & Technology warns advertisers to privacy to think and to tell consumers what information about them is recorded and for what purpose. "If you are not at an early stage, it is very difficult in an already existing system to build."