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Thread: 9/11

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    How about 9/11 for an eye opener. It was obviously set up by the U.S. government or someone. There is so much proof out there.

    Don't you think it was strange that the buildings collapsed as if it was a controlled demolition?

    And what about building 7? Why did it light on fire and fall in the same demolition style collapse? Building 7 was still standing when it was announced that it had already fallen. A little strange don't you think?

    And what about the passports and papers of the supposed hijackers that were found in the wreckage unscathed? Yet, the planes disintegrated? And, at least 1 of the supposed hijackers that 'died' in the crash, was seen at a bar some days later after the towers were taken down.

    What the heck is going on? Why the farce?
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    Re: 9/11

    Dr Judy Wood actually took them to court and her website is considered by her lawyer to be evidence. She didnt win of course, and it did cost her her job, but she knows she had to do it. When the towers fell, while everyone was around the tv, she was doing an experiment to prove that the towers fell faster than Newtons Law, which of course smacked of something else besides planes and jet fuel to bring down the towers. She visited the site, filmed evidence that you dont see on the net or even on the tv, like engines totally dissolving from cars nearby, also evidence of two completely different elements fusing such as was reported from the philidelphia experiment.
    The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues
    John Hutchison has reroduced the philiadelphia experiment and had his lab completely confiscated by the government. He joined forces with Dr. Wood as did a few others to
    confirm that something seemed amiss with the official story of 9/11
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