Mysterious lightning plague has ravaged a village in Venezuela

Friday, December 4, 2009

A tiny fishing village in Venezuela is plagued 160 nights a year by mysterious lightning storms. Meteorologists have no conclusive explanation for the phenomenon. The poor inhabitants of Catatumbo hope now that the phenomenon attracts tourists in order to earn a revenue.


Scientists consider it not that it is impossible the lightning plague is caused by winds from the Andes Mountains descending to the ocean. Another theory is that the phenomenon is an increased concentration of methane in the region.

Eight hours at a time
Meteorologist Ramon Velasquez of the Venezuelan Air Force has other peculiarities found. "In an ordinary thunderstorm lightning at the most will last two hours. The lightning storms in Catatumbo are able to hold for eight hours".

The poor fishermen of the village, say the natural phenomenon, however, can be a blessing. They want the authorities play the lightning plague as a tourist attraction in the hope of financial gain. (eb)