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Thread: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

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    The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

    Disclaimer: I am not posting this to troll, spam, or otherwise annoy. I post this for those who, like me, might find this highly intriguing and because I was hoping to find someone to analyse this with. Personally, I am less interested in debating its legitimacy (was he, wasn't he); though a very valid conversation, it is one I have already had at length. I am more interested in analyzing/discussing the specifics and general questions/tools/philosophies/impressions anyone gained while reading this or in the years following reading this.

    The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

    This happened back in 2005, but is nevertheless quite fascinating and certainly worth a read if you have not already read it. Even if you have read it, and rolled your eyes at it the first time around, I recommend giving it a second look...perhaps your perspective has since changed as mine have.

    I read this three times during three stages in my life. The first time, I was intrigued, but entirely too skeptical and (admittedly) ignorant to fully digest. As I developed as a person, I revisted Insider's words, able to now understand and fully process, and they were suddenly quite profound and only served to confirm many of my theories.

    I would love to talk with anyone else who is at this stage in analysis and wants to further reflect via philosophical discussion.

    I have started analyzing it on my tumblr (I've asked a series of questions in hopes of making sense of some of the points made). I welcome discussion. My email is relentlessalarm8@gmail.com
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    Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

    It looks pretty good. You can post the link now, if you wish.

    Lady of Light
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    Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

    Thank you kindly!

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    Re: The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider

    Great thanks for this post, perhaps the whole another piece to the puzzle. I will put this book on my to be read list and I'll post back here after I've read it with my thoughts.
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