This is a good info on floride everyone should know it's from Project Avalon located here:


I was sent the following report yesterday by e-mail, and am reposting it here with full permission. It could not be more important.


I would like to commend you on your story (20th of July) re. the Gulf "spill" and the alternative media's reporting of it. You reminded me that I have to keep checking the facts. Like you, I was very concerned. Thank you. Here's my story below.

I wanted to give you something in return ( I first had this posted at Ken Adachi's site in late December 2009).

I wanted to tell you of a real conversation that I had with a head of one of the main NHS (National Health Services) in the UK. This particular body is instrumental in advising… sorry, “INSTRUCTING” the water companies to fluoridate our water.

I had been doing some research on Fluoride, its uses, toxicity and the general negative affect that it has on us humans etc. Having been scared half out of my wits, I contacted (called) my local water supplier to ask why they were putting poison in the water.

The female customer services agent was somewhat aghast & surprised at my statement, however, she was also surprised to find that her "Water Company" did not have any reference on their website about Fluoride being in the water. She then told me that her computer was directing her to a “technical services manager” who would be able to answer my questions.

I thanked her and was put through to what sounded like a man in a very large and empty room. This guy came right to the point and said that they did what they were told and if I wanted any further information, I should call the SHA (Strategic Health Authority), as they gave the orders.

At this point Bill, I do not want to name the person I spoke with; but put simply, you can’t get much higher than this person…

I looked this person up and called their office; I was surprised to be put straight through to them. I asked if I could have three minutes of their time and I was granted this. My question was direct and to the point.

Why, given the evident toxicity of Fluoride and the many supporting independent papers on the dangers of consuming it, are your group instructing the "Water Company" to put it in our drinking water? This is the answer and subsequent conversation to the best of my memory:

“Do you drink alcohol?” (I knew what was coming – or did I?)

“Yes, I do… but I choose to drink it,” I smugly replied.

There was a brief silence, and then the bombshell:

“You are correct. Fluoride is a poison and should not be in the water system, full stop."

UH!!! My jaw hit my desk. For the next 15 minutes we spoke candidly about its dangers; the con of how it has been sold to us (forced on us). The details of the early tests in the 1930s and how this information was seriously floored (and still is).

I was told to refer to a recent paper in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) which (I was told) quite clearly demonstrated that it’s a poison and should be removed from the water immediately, as it's “hazardous to health.” This person knew their stuff !

I asked, "why then, if you know all this, do you continue to instruct the Water Companies to put it in the water?"

Their response: “The decisions are made in the 'deepest darkest recesses of Parliament', and we have 'no say' in the matter. We are just following orders, as are the Water Companies.”

My final question was as to what do I do? I was told to get as many people together as I possibly could and "lobby Parliament."

I thanked them for their time, and closed the conversation feeling very concerned… as I am today. I filter ALL of my water using the latest technology. It’s difficult to escape Fluoride over here as its in most of our bottled water too.

This conversation happened 16 months ago. I was scared to talk about it before, but things have now changed.