Air Car is finally driving
Last updated: Friday, March 20 at 22:49, 9 times

he French company MDI, this spring with a car that runs on air, reports the Technical Weekblad.

The first model is a futuristic looking city taxi, "Airpod, which will cost only 6,000 euros. The 850 kg vehicle having a radius of 220 kilometers and a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. A tank contains 175 liters of air at a pressure of 350 bar. The refueling of the fuel in specially equipped service stations takes about two minutes.

The inventor of the air engine, engineer Guy Nègre, has been working since 1991 for his invention on the market. Due to opposition from oil companies and car manufacturers and presumably financial setback, he several times nearly bankrupt.

The Indian car manufacturer Tata bought in early 2007 a nationwide license for the production of the air motor. "That was the rescue of our company," said Nègre.

The factory in South of France itself has now received orders for the first series of thirty Airpods intended for the city of Nice, La Poste, Air France and KLM. These organizations are the vehicles extensive testing. If this is successful, start from 2010 Nègre produced on a larger scale.

The French engineer is also developing a family of three to six persons, the hybrid model Flowair City, which cost 13,000 euro. This model should be on the highway consumption of 1 to 50 with a CO2 emissions of 40 grams per kilometer, less than half of the most economical cars available today.