Wednesday, 5 January 2011, of Freeman around 13:00
A research team around Aldo stone field, professor for renewable sources of energy at the ETH Zurich and director/conductor of the laboratory for solar technology at Paul Scherrer Institut (psi), is to be developed succeeded a solar reactor, that a combustible gas produced.

The picture shows professor Steinfeld and its graduate student Philipp Furler, how they pursue an experiment with their solar thermochemical reactor to the fuel production from water and CO2 at the high river solar simulator of the ETH Zurich.

With a radically new process water and carbon dioxide converted into a mixture from hydrogen (H2) and Carbon monoxide (CO), which are called “Syngas” and a preliminary stage of gasoline, kerosene and other liquid fuels represent. As an energy supplier for the process concentrated solar radiation is used. Together with colleagues in Pasadena, the USA, the ETH and psi researcher the solar reactor developed California institutes OF Technology (Caltech) and published the experimental results in the current expenditure of “Science”.

Ream more here: All sound and smoke: Solar reactor produces gasoline with sunlight http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot...#ixzz1AZtduMVF