Free Energy

Why has this technology not been allowed to become established. We have to look at the profit motive involved. If we have free energy, how will they charge for it, What will happen to the billions of dollars that the utilities and oil companies and the government backing these establishments do if we can give the people independence from the chains of having to pay for energy.It is my feeling that the technology is already here and may have been shown to the government. It even may have been introduced to our patent office and turned down. Because as you know, there is no such thing as a perpetual motion device. And I agree with the premise because forever is a long time.TPTB will have to fall before this comes available.

At this moment, there are over 5,000 devices or applications in the patent office that have been branded as security or put under wraps by the secrecy order, Tesla's transmission device is a classic illustration probably best known to this group. What happened is that they removed the money from him to do his research and effectively stifled this remarkable man. How many other times has it happened to someone not so well known, Title 35, U.S. Code (1952) Sections 181-188. What is security, how is it defined