Free EM Energy from the Vacuum and Its Use to Power Loads is Already Rigorously Proven

Also, please check the rigorous recent work by Dr. Victor Klimov et al.

Dr. Klimov and his colleagues in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico have constructed a solar cell which can absorb the light of a specific wave length in such a way, that one photon input to the solar cell can energize more than one electron. As soon as the electron absorbs a photon, it disappears for a very short moment into the quantum field. Being in the virtual state the electron can borrow energy from the vacuum and thereafter appears again in our reality. Now the electron can energize up to 7 other electrons. This leads to a theoretical coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 700%. A COP = 200% can be easily achieved and it has been, as has been higher values. The experiment has also been replicated successfully by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado. [See Herb Brody, "Solar Power - Seriously Souped Up." New Scientist, May 27, 2006, p 45].

Quoting Brody:

"Make solar cells as small as a molecule; and you get more than you bargained for. Could this be the route to limitless clean power?"

Comment by T.E.B.:

Note that the super-excited electron, after emerging from the seething virtual state vacuum immersion, actually splits into two or more energized electrons! So the output current of the solar cell process is freely amplified by excess energy from the local virtual state vacuum. Note that at about COP = 3.0, one could conceivably add clamped positive feedback of one of those output electrons back to the "dive back into the seething virtual state vacuum" input, replacing the original electron input, and the unit would be "self-powering" (powered by energy from the vacuum) while putting out the other two electrons as output.

Or by using some of the output current in a standard photon radiation-producing process, one could have the positive feedback input changed to a radiation photon, to replace the initial solar input entirely. In this fashion, once "jump started" by some source of solar radiation, the resulting "solar panel" system would become totally self-powering, taking all its input and output energy directly from the seething active virtual state vacuum itself.

It appears that Klimov's team and its work is being used presently to develop super powerful laser weapons that will revolutionize warfare. E.g., a powerful, self-powered laser weapon the size of a bazooka and carried by one infantryman can in principle be developed that can destroy large buildings, destroy hostile tanks and vehicles easily, destroy ships and boats and trains, shoot down hostile aircraft, and -- with a small sensor apparatus added -- detect and shoot down incoming hostile field artillery rounds.

It appears that the long-desired super powerful laser pistol is possibly also being developed for U.S. Internal Security civilian guard forces, also as an application of Klimov's work. Such a pistol will be able to disable or even kill a targeted human at a mile and a half.