Last weeks decision handed down by the Supreme Court to give corporations the same status as people has far reaching consequences basically designed to destroy whats left of democracy in America. We need to make this video go viral so people understand what's been done and encourage everyone to contact our Representatives in Washington and let them know we aren't going to stand for corruption in leadership any more we've had it!!

The rabid right has gone too far this time, this is the most UN-American thing committed by an UN-democratic, outdated institution. The Justices have obviously been bought and sold so this decision needs to be overturned immediately!! Justice Roberts and Ilito lied during their confirmation hearing when they promised not to overturn precedent or rule from the bench so we need to hold their feet to the fire and make them accountable.

This is a must see Special Report by Keith Olbermann who does an award winning job at outlining the serious consequences of this draconian decision handed down by the lands draco highest court last week.