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Thread: Can You Be Free In A Debit World?

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    Can You Be Free In A Debit World?

    I think the one obstacle I find very hard to overcome is how you can be free with almost all commerce being electronic these days. 40 years ago you might have managed without a debit card but today? Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Re: Can You Be Free In A Debit World?

    I completely agree with your point of view. The modern man can't exist without financial system. Of course we have some examples of "free existence" but it is the existence without all benefits of the civilization.

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    Re: Can You Be Free In A Debit World?

    Total freedom would come with some sacrifices, one of them being the convenience of modern banking and technology. Funny how some of the things we consider so convenient these days are also the things that are tying us even tighter to Big Brother and The Man.

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    Re: Can You Be Free In A Debit World?

    So true. Is it not funny that we WANT everything fast and easy?

    But really look at it, ever been in line at the store and seeing the 5 custmers in front , get their card, what way does it go in the machine , oh what account, which pin , oh get my card, Woops that didnt work lets try again. So for a simply hand them $ and get change you took 3-5 min instead of one min. What did you save?
    Why is it so hard to keep what you need, if you need more wait for it. I lived that way for the first 20yrs of my life. I than got sucked into there system. 5yrs ago I got sick of it, I now alway carry a couple of hundred ( just in case) I shop once a week for all the main, try my best to think about a purchase before hand. I ended up finding out I didnt really need it, or you know what it can wait until its on sale.
    The best thing is I found that I gained about 10hrs a week in not running around, I didnt need half of which I use to buy. Life is just plain less stressful and a lot cheaper.

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