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Know the difference between "LAWFUL" and "LEGAL"?
Learn how the systems we live under are more elementary than we realise.
These lectures touch on subjects which Jordan Maxwell mentions in his various lectures.

The attached lectures by John Harris make it very clear how the world is really working
right in front of our eyes. They clear up what Jordan refers to as Maratine Commercial Law or UCC.
The law of the land and the law of the sea.

John Harris - It's an illusion (5 parts)

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John Harris gives us his perspective on what's going on. He describes how we are economic slaves to a debt dependant system, notably achieved through the deception of the birth certificate and the creation of a legal fiction known as your 'PERSON'. It is this PERSON that the government then wields it's control upon. Although John points out that this arrangement only works when we consent.

Unfortunately inaction is taken as consent, hence we have unwittingly surrendered our inalienable rights through identifying with the PERSON. Remember you are a human being with god given rights, all you have to do is claim them.

Also the difference between a policeman and a police officer is described.

Filmed at the The British Constitution Group Lawful Rebellion Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on the 24th January 2009.

Watching this lecture might promt you to get a copy of Black's Law Dictionary:

John Harris - Undermining Democracy (6 parts)

[I]Filmed at the 3rd Lawful Rebellion Conference, London, 31st October 2009 by[I]

Following up these videos are also interesting:

Freeman In Gloucester Court 29th Jan 2010 Part 1.

English Freeman on the Land Ray St.Clair once again stands in a UK Magistrates court with other Freedom Rebels and challenges the false authority of the courts. This time the magistrates fail to produce their oaths and get up and quit the courtroom TWICE - full story from ...

Freeman in court fighting U.K. Council Tax 1 of 2

Freeman in court fighting U.K. Council Tax 1 of 2