A Foreword From Winston On Current Events & Their Impact On World Commerce

"Around September of last year, one of my friends contacted me in regards to information that he thought essential to share internationally. It had to do with the misuse of the global accounts by the banks that were ‘mirroring’ those accounts to create money fraudulently. And then the banks were ‘loaning’ out this fraudulent money to the various countries, especially of the European Union countries. And as typical of the schemes of these banks, they created these ‘loans’ with high interest rates which could never be repaid. Then as the banks have done over the years, they declared a default (on a loan that did not exist in reality).

So, my friend reasoned that if the financial ministers of the various countries were made aware of the fraudulent scheme of the banks, that they would take actions to stop it. And he was right.

We created this 20 page report (it could have just as well been 200 pages) so that the financial ministers could have the facts in front of them, and my friend had the connections to be sure that the information would in fact fall into the proper hands.

The first minister to act on this was Michael Noonan of Ireland. Mr. Noonan realized the fraud and theft by the banks, and he decided to put an end to it. He challenged the banks, basically, to prove that they loaned Ireland any money. If they could do that he was willing to continue paying the premiums on those valid loans. But if the banks could not prove that Ireland was loaned anything but its own credit back to itself, Mr. Noonan told the banks that they would receive no further payments.

Well, guess what … yes, you guessed right if you deduced that the banks made no effort to prove up on the source of the money that was ‘loaned’ to Ireland. To do so would have been the admission of criminal acts.
So, in essence, Ireland came out from under the alleged national debt at that point. Funny what a little bit of knowledge can do when people in powerful political positions become informed. Presently, we expect that Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium will follow suit. This will end the tyranny of the European Union over the sovereign countries presently under its thumb.

As you read this 20 page report, you will immediately recognize that it is for the most part the same arguments we have made here in the US in regards to the mortgage foreclosures by the banks on ‘loans’ they allegedly made to the buyers. The biggest problem that we have here is that we are ‘small potatoes’ compared to the stature of a financial minister of a sovereign country. But we still do our part and perhaps have to labor a bit harder than Mr. Noonan as we fight with the corrupt/compromised US court system.

Please enjoy the article."

–Winston Shrout


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This Paper is authored for Neil Francis Keenan (the one referenced by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford) by :
Winston Shrout. (USA) and
Keith Francis Scott (Australia)