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Thread: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    If there are any who would like to discuss the content of My piece, designed to show what We, Humanity, can do at this UNIQUE point in time, I will be happy to discuss it.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    I agree AMY. It is a unique point in TIME, indeed.

    Ah Pimander. I was wondering when you would show up.

    AMY says that she would like to discuss this and thats what I felt I was doing here...." Fat chance " indeed..... if you think its all about drama, which it is not.... I have " called her to task" in my own way.... and Presto.... here you are!

    Interesting that, as Exterminator might say.

    I have told Amy what my opinion was. Whats yours on her " system?" Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; January 1st, 2013 at 11:50 PM.

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Misdirection much? We are not talking about me here Pimander, if you failed to notice that. This was AMYS piece and my comments were aimed at HER PROVING not only who SHE was but who her Father was. She chose to make statements which opened that door and I don't think that its overly dramatic of me to ask how she got to her conclusions.

    I don't think that we need your comments about me proving or not proving anything at all. Its not relevant. I agree with AMY.... lets talk about her system.... unless she has decided that she doesn't want to put forth the kind of effort that it might take to stand up against some tough language in her direction?

    I believe that her system is not workable and I have called upon her to tell us more about how she came to believe that it was. Trying to tell me that she knows about electrogravitics because her Dad woke her in the middle of the night to tell her that he could not tell her any more about it.... well.... I am sorry.... but does AMY realize how ridiculous that sounds?

    My question is.... does she even want to use that story? Because I don't think that it helps her. And as I have said.... I don't believe her ( which .... the last time I looked.... is my right?)

    I asked what kind of training she has had in economics. Is that an insult?


    Or is it just difficult to answer?

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    AMY..... I have a serious question to ask of you.

    If someone gave you two million dollars.......

    What would your opinion of money be THEN?

    Thats a SERIOUS question. Would that experience shift the conclusions that you have reached here?

    And how would that happen?

    We are all a product of our environment.

    In reading what you have said in some of your papers I sense that you have a resentment for the way the monetary system actually works now.... could that be because you have been more on the OUTSIDE of the system than on the INSIDE? If suddenly all that changed..... would your theory then change too?


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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    If someOne gave Me large sums of money I would use it to further awareness of the fact that just now in history We can eliminate the NEED for exchange and allow ALL of Us on this planet to survive richly. My opinion of it would not change, however. The scarcity paradigm, which allows poverty and privilege, starvation, oppression, wage/debt slavery, greed, class conflict, war profiteering (and therefore war) to emerge is still in place, and for Humanity's sake, I aim to instigate the abundance paradigm with or without money at My disposal.

    Because We now - and JUST now - can do that, because I see what a better planet this would be with these recently acquired resources (plenum energy and programmed machines), I am driven. Period.

    EDIT to add: I am not "resentful," love. I just understand the Human misery it allows to emerge and I aim to do something about it.
    Last edited by Amaterasu; January 2nd, 2013 at 01:45 AM.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimander View Post
    No Linda, I asked you to prove who you are, it wasn't, "all of you." You didn't do that.

    To prove who you are would:-

    End the drama;

    End the drama OR

    End the drama!

    Fat chance of that....
    Up pops Mr punch.

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Well, not to try to butt heads here, but I feel with or without the free energy bit, the idea of ridding ourselves of the money and slavery tied to it is viable. The only problem I can see with it, is EVERYONE, or at least the vast majority NEEDS to change their way of thinking and get rid of the fear of "being without". It CAN work, but we need to do the work to get it there.

    That's just my two cents.

    Oh, and I suggest a NEW thread for arguments on WHO Amaterasu is and WHAT she knows, and leaving this one to the topic, like we did for the argument on Linda. For knowledge in relation to the article at hand of course can remain. We don't want things to get mixed and lost. Thanks.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu
    Point blank, the infection that drains Humans of creative – and yes, loving – behavior is the need for money.
    Did you mean this to be all "inclusive" of every human? My take on this statement is one that is biased. Money is essential to a church or organization that will feed starving children, help the homeless, provide surgery for those misfortunate children born with a cleft palate and the list goes on. These organizations become very creative in finding ways to raise "money". I would call those acts "loving".

    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu
    Surely We measure “success” by the quantity One can accumulate of it.
    "We"? Shouldn't that be "You"? So when someone creates a device and it functions, isn't that success? If you are so skilled, as led to believe in your posts here and elsewhere, then what did you feel when you created an electrogravitic device and turned on the switch? Was that feeling of "success" worth more than any amount of money?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu
    Another development We are just now seeing is the great advancement in robotics. We are at the point where all necessary work no One WANTS to do can be done by robot. If free energy took the bulk of the cost of things away, making robots affordable, and We built robots for all the necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), We can remove the cost of Human energy – and this will make everything…free.
    What a simplistic answer along with a bit of callous disregard for those that spend their time building the "robots". So, let's look at it a bit more in depth. There will be those that "build" (we can insert the word "create") the "robots" that will perform the work that "no One WANTS to do" which will remove the "human energy" that makes "everything....free" for everyone else. So, who decides who builds the robots? Wouldn't this mean that there would be those who "work" to provide robots for "those" that don't? I suppose that these individuals would be magnanimous by just doing all that work while there would be those who just sit at home?

    Now I can anticipate the response. Robots would do the construction, robots would free mankind of the drudgery of all those jobs that no one wishes to do. This is the recipe for the creation of an antipathetic society and a society that will sink into non-creativity. Agreeing with a part of what Linda has said, creativity is stiffled when there is no need. How many individuals would really take advantage of this removal of drudgery and expand the human condition? How many generations would it be until there would be those increase of the antipathy where society in general would be considered stagnant?

    I don't agree that we are at that stage. We are in a society in the United States of America that provides so much for so many that cannot provide for themselves. How much creativity is created in these individuals when so much is provided for them? "Social engineer"? Entitlements are doing just that, they are engineering a society dependent upon others and what you are proposing would be the seed that would grow into a dormant society.

    We are not there yet and have a long way to go. Maybe the barter system would be better for then at least, individuals would have to do "something" to eat and not just sit and wait for someone to bring the food to them.

    My opinion,


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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Misdirection much? We are not talking about me here Pimander, if you failed to notice that.
    You talked about you!

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Amaterasu said "If there are any who would like to discuss the content of My piece, designed to show what We, Humanity, can do at this UNIQUE point in time, I will be happy to discuss it.

    And this is the perfect place.
    In fact... in all the world at this moment... this couldn't be a more perfect place.
    This is indeed a UNIQUE POINT IN TIME.

    Lady of Light... I appreciate your concern about this discussion shifting to a detailed examination of WHO Amaterasu is... and I agree with you that this is not the time or the place for that discussion. I think all of us have heard the life history that she has presented here and elsewhere. I am very willing to contain the discussion to exactly what she has said here regarding her Program.

    Mikado brings up many good points.

    There are responsibilities involved in moving into the future... and those who work so hard to develop the technology ( whether its robots or electrogravitics) deserve credit for what they have done. And they also deserve a society that recognizes their contribution and appreciates it....

    People like AMY find themselves " driven" along a certain path....and I respect that more than they will ever know..... but its obvious nothing is going to be simply GIVEN to anyone.

    AMY.....Mikado makes good points about charities. Have you ever donated your time to a charity? Or spent quality time with someone who has to make decisions about where their vast sums of money should go? I wish that experience for you... Those folks COUNT on having the funds to facilitate the good that they do. Without it.... today.... NOTHING happens.

    We can all THINK of a Utopian future.... and we can talk forever.... but AMY.... is what you have in your head.... the vision that you were " Given".... is it actually the future that would be best for Humankind as a whole?

    This is an important question. Would we simply stagnate?... or just wait until we find something " inspiring" to do with out time

    What happens then if the " Inspiration" ..... Like the " inspiration" that is driving you so hard right now..... Just suddenly..... goes away. Then what? If that happens has this all been a ruse then to drive us down a one way street of oblivion? There are forces at work here that none of us understand and maybe its good that we consider all of the possibilities.

    And this is indeed a special Time and place to talk about all of this.... Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; January 2nd, 2013 at 09:56 AM.

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