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Thread: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    The thread being referred to would be the link in my last post.

    IF money were abolished, energy COULD be given for free, so I believe that it IS possible. It is EASIER with Free-energy, yes, but not impossible without. That is my view on it.

    Hey, this whole money thing was up to about 2 years ago a really hard thing for me to process as being able to live without. I get it now, but it takes the all to make it work. I have many a thought to this whole thing that I cannot seem to express properly, but I DO get what you are saying and I agree with you. I'm not gonna lie here, I'm not up on or fully into the whole robot thing at this point, but it may just be that I'm not on that level yet, I don't know. What I DO know, is that this is a very feasible thing that CAN happen and society is only as lazy as we are conditioned to be. I don't believe us to be as lazy as some think we are and have ourselves completely fall apart where nothing gets done and everyone expects everything for nothing. That kind of thinking shows that what is stated is not understood. Hopefully someday, it will be.

    Again, I cannot express properly what is needed here. I hope what HAS been said is understood, at least somewhat.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikado View Post
    Did you mean this to be all "inclusive" of every human? My take on this statement is one that is biased. Money is essential to a church or organization that will feed starving children, help the homeless, provide surgery for those misfortunate children born with a cleft palate and the list goes on. These organizations become very creative in finding ways to raise "money". I would call those acts "loving".
    I am not sure You are aware of just how much money is donated to "charity." It is a LOT. However, the percentage that actually goes to helping People and not to lining pockets is statistically nil. For example, I temped at the MDA years ago filling in for a lady on maternity leave. I prepared the deposits from the fund-raisers, depositing, from that single location $50,000 to $75,000 a WEEK. In talking to the Patient Services Coordinator there, I discovered that the MDA gave Her a budget to help People with muscular dystrophy of $1,000 a YEAR! Think on that a bit.

    "We"? Shouldn't that be "You"? So when someone creates a device and it functions, isn't that success? If you are so skilled, as led to believe in your posts here and elsewhere, then what did you feel when you created an electrogravitic device and turned on the switch? Was that feeling of "success" worth more than any amount of money?
    No. I meant "We." Yes, there are other means of measuring success, but Human society as a whole sees those who have made vast amounts of money as "successful," regardless of contribution. As for Your comments about building a device, You know full well that:

    1) Materials - BEST materials - are either prohibitively expensive or hidden in black projects
    2) I am NOT an inventor or builder - I am an economist, etc., as stated in the OP
    3) I am living in poverty

    This does NOT imply that I am not AWARE. Not educated. Not capable of seeing things and grasping their foundation.

    What a simplistic answer along with a bit of callous disregard for those that spend their time building the "robots". So, let's look at it a bit more in depth. There will be those that "build" (we can insert the word "create") the "robots" that will perform the work that "no One WANTS to do" which will remove the "human energy" that makes "everything....free" for everyone else. So, who decides who builds the robots? Wouldn't this mean that there would be those who "work" to provide robots for "those" that don't? I suppose that these individuals would be magnanimous by just doing all that work while there would be those who just sit at home?
    I in no way disregard Those who build robots. In fact, I find joy in the fact that so many would build them for the sheer bliss of doing so - IF They could afford to. We would see many more People creating them than at present, because so many would love to but have no opportunity to do so. A great deal of the creative things in life will burgeon as Those whose gift, whose bliss, it is to do them have the OPPORTUNITY to. It is NOT an issue of "be[ing] magnanimous." It is an issue of People doing what They LOVE to do, regardless of any currency. And surely People do good works strictly for the social currencies.

    Now I can anticipate the response. Robots would do the construction, robots would free mankind of the drudgery of all those jobs that no one wishes to do. This is the recipe for the creation of an antipathetic society and a society that will sink into non-creativity. Agreeing with a part of what Linda has said, creativity is stiffled when there is no need. How many individuals would really take advantage of this removal of drudgery and expand the human condition? How many generations would it be until there would be those increase of the antipathy where society in general would be considered stagnant?
    No... Though I do see robots doing any manufacturing no One LOVES to do, the designing and prototyping will go to Those who LOVE to do it. And on the contrary, creativity will explode as those who now are accountants and day laborers and any other job that robots could do or are unnecessary without accounting for meaningful energy expended are freed to both have the time and resources to be creative as is Their bliss. As to how many? Who knows, but it is irrelevant. There is enough on this planet to support a MINIMUM of ten times the present population, and with FE & robots, We all could choose to be couch potatoes... But the reason We presently have couch potatoes is because Those who are cannot AFFORD what They REALLY want - education, supplies, travel, etc.

    I don't agree that we are at that stage. We are in a society in the United States of America that provides so much for so many that cannot provide for themselves. How much creativity is created in these individuals when so much is provided for them? "Social engineer"? Entitlements are doing just that, they are engineering a society dependent upon others and what you are proposing would be the seed that would grow into a dormant society.
    For all that is "provided," I can assure You it is, at MOST, barely enough for any Individual to survive. SURELY not enough to afford creative efforts. "Entitlements" do NOT offer a life rich in choice and opportunity. Because You are evaluating behavior constricted by a system accounting for meaningful energy expended, where there is no chance to be creative, You assume that People, freed from this blockade to creativity, would NOT create. A poor assumption. Would You claim the "elite" lack creativity...? In fact, FAR from "dormant," and especially if We supplant the work "ethic" (the slave's 'ethic") with the Betterment Ethic, the arts and the sciences will both burgeon and benefit Us FAR more than those ventures driven by a profit "ethic."

    We are not there yet and have a long way to go. Maybe the barter system would be better for then at least, individuals would have to do "something" to eat and not just sit and wait for someone to bring the food to them.
    We only SEEM to "not [be] there yet," when We measure things within the confines of a system that requires People to give up Their bliss to "earn" Their place on this planet pumping Human energy into the system for a few shekels that do not support Their bliss, only (and most often marginally) Their basic needs, provided cheaply and degradedly for profit.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    I have read what you have said here several times over and you are right I think Amaterasu. I have no ability to comprehend what you are saying.


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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    But maybe my problems stems from this.... what you have been quoted as saying here

    And sadly, any solution that requires People to change is not viable. By adding free energy, People will change as a matter of course, but expecting the change first is expecting more from Humans that We will see.

    YOU TRULY believe this? that change is not " viable".... Why do you bother then with all of these WORDS then AMY if you really believe that people on an individual basis can not change... Its an excercise in futility.

    I don't believe it. Linda

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    I did not say People cannot change - but that They change in RESPONSE to changes around Them. And, Linda, believe what You wish to.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    I intend to Amy.
    I believe that you are here for a purpose.
    I believe that you have not hit your stride yet but that you will someday soon
    I believe that you will make an enormous difference in the way that people look at things...You will help manifest the change that is needed..

    I believe that perhaps your Dad did work with mine and I believe that you know that is true but can't figure how to connect them... so the idea of the bedtime stories works.... it doesn't matter to me. Fact is.... you are here NOW interacting with people who WILL make a difference in the future.

    So, thank you... I do intend to believe certain things. Linda

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    Considering I have a somewhat hazy memory of being weirded out because a friend of My dad's was missing a finger and that He had what was at the time to Me a weird name... I'm guessing Our fathers did work together. I am more clear on the memory of thinking "Beau" was weird too and My mom teaching Me the first french word I learned because of that. I still though it was odd that a "boy" would be named "beautiful."

    I also remember Dad - and frequently Mom - went out to "the boat." I remember wanting to go too because I LOVE being on boats and I would get pouty for the babysitter (or Mom if She didn't go). It just wasn't FAIR that kids were not allowed to go!

    So, yeah. Anyway, I am indeed on the path to making great changes on this planet - to strip the "elite" of Their power over Us (leaving Them with all Their material riches) and creating a world where each of Us can survive richly - whatever "richly" means to Us. Where Our children are encouraged to develop Their gifts, find Their bliss, with a Betterment Ethic in place of the slave's ethic. Where no good work - cures, advances, etc. - will be hidden so some can profit off the illness or lack of Humans. Where We ALL have the chance to be aware of what is actually going on, and not subject to fake news (Sandy Hook, Giffords, Aurora, and many, many other "news" stories), not pulled away from Their gift out of a necessity to pour energy into the system to survive meagerly...

    Seeing so clearly the path and the end result will not allow Me to be anything BUT driven.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    We understand each other AMY....

    Seeing so clearly the path and the end result will not allow Me to be anything BUT driven

    Thats what they say about me too.... that I am " driven".
    They haven't seen anything yet!


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