Supporting principles for parents of highly sensitive children
Monday, April 20, 2009

By Sylvia from Zoeren

The biggest task for parents is to protect their child. Most do it also to honor and conscience. They provide the best school, the best food, good housing, quality time and love and attachment. The multi-dimensional understanding of child can help in this task. In this article a number of principles that can help your child to make sound and safe to grow.

Each child is a being that has everything it needs and to flourish as the right way, guided and supported. In this blueprint for the child are all considered in the light will be when the time is ripe for it. Parents may be afraid for the wrong choices, such as their school or parenting style. They then squeeze in all corners, afraid for their child is too short to do so, and then are no longer themselves. They do too much than their best. They no longer good things flow, control has taken the lead on their doings. Their frightened brain prevents them from interfering with the smooth things that happen to and creative solutions. Or they give the child too much space so it can not limit.

Think of the first principle:

Children also have life experiences necessary to grow.

If we want to send too many of our children remember their own process, and so we remember them experience that might be needed to become a balanced person.
Learning as a parent your own unnecessary worrying thoughts to recognize. What makes you're a kind of perfectionism in your educational development? Are you worried about the opinion of others? Do you think your own childhood, where lack of different things you've encountered? Would you like your child a super child, or do you want your child in all safely and what you've missed? And what is it the reason? Find ways to relax yourself to feel, to feel your independence. Always take a position on your child, let not to others. Take a position on what your child want to learn what you can and what you do not want their behavior, what you expect from counseling at school, etc. A position may yield healthy assertiveness, where you are more pleasant to feel, then you are a pawn of the world around you.
A position can have my child has all sorts of experiences necessary to grow. I can then always talk about these experiences, so I help my child organize what it is experiencing. But I can not send anything for it.

The second principle is:

Adapts to each child, including your child.

Children are dependent on the adults around them. They imitate their outer world in the early years of their lives. Actually, the first twenty years of life each year in which our foundation is built. Later, we replaced stones in our foundation, what we can no longer use, or rather do we remove and we can rebuild, a renovation of our ideas through. All the adult represents is also the child. The child is part of our world. The divorce is far from this world, on the contrary: only in the adolescent years begin the awareness to realize that their thoughts can sometimes differ from those of the parents. If the child at that time too has adapted to it quite pop. Earlier, the child of course the experience that can think beyond the parents. But it has still not possible as in puberty or adolescence in order to explain, to express or to organize. Young children especially experienced and all feelings that can come good flood. Watch and listen very carefully to your child and your voice on the Baby. See if your child has a natural adjustment or follows a natural path to follow. Unnatural to say the fit is so in the adult world (including school) that it loses its own qualities and becomes confused (or sad or angry). It may still not have his own way, because it is too small for. It relies on the adults around them. That is his frame of reference.

The third principle is:

The child is a hard-boiled holistic essence.

What is holistic? Each child learns at a particular moment in his young life links of the right brain to left brain half. The experiences the world through the senses. Experience (right brain) should be arranged (left brain). There are also many compounds produced in the brain that deal with all other processes, such as crawling, walking, fine and gross motor skills, etc. If these connections as the child still is far from ready, a subconscious link which must still be refined and should be made aware. If a child can best be clean when it comes to it is if it is possible to understand that there is a connection between the physical urge that it feels and the way to the pot. If we impose our child itself (adult) can we do the child in this context is short: we are perhaps too easy to assume that the child already can. For parents, it is important to also to look at their child: is my child's natural way to modify or unnatural?
Holistic experience do you through the right brain half. All children experience the world as if they were initially so one with the whole. They have the first years of their life the opportunity to organize their experiences by their left-brain conscious use. Here, the older person so that the organization make and takes into account this fact by the child to provide the stand is and what it can handle, the child in a natural learning (experience) and can develop in its own way, in its own pace and in a natural way to develop autonomy.

The fourth principle is:

Each child is multidimensional, where

Based on what is described above, that our child has a hard-boiled holistic creature, we should learn this principle. Do we want our children really safe, then we will need more tuning on the child as a holistic system. If the child is with the bigger picture what does that mean really?
We, as parents or professionals that (yet) experienced three, often miss this point in the child. The child is a hard-boiled multidimensional child vertoeft the multiple dimensions of his experience.
Our consciousness can we as a Jacobs Ladder. In our development is that we go through different phases in our lives and thus we grow in awareness. With that growth is also our observation above. High Sensitive children can teach us a lot about that higher perception, because we have these children and many will experience in this field. That does not mean that they can do, they must also learn this data to go in this world. And we as adults need to get used to it and experience dare go. That higher consciousness, we can relate to how we perceive the three most adults are still true: width, depth, length and height. Children take more dimensions in which they take the 'adult unseen' true. They dwell in the fourth dimension, for example where a lot of experienced, felt, but sometimes images are observed. Thought Shapes float by this fourth layer that many adults are not (yet) aware seen, but there is. They can sometimes even higher layers and can observe them, for example, angels and light beings perceive. Because this is for the adult (yet) we do our child is too short, we deny this form of observation ie. The child gets confused, because what is true is not known by the educators and the child there with? It then separates from the observation becomes cramped. There may be fears arise. The dominant (adult), the left brain than from the multi-dimensional child. Parents will therefore have to take this position. Help their child the best.

If we know the fourth principle, we as saying at the following principle:

Each child resonates with its surroundings.

Hard-boiled as a holistic being is the child with the whole and resoneert with the whole. Resonance occurs when vibration meet. If the child in a troubled neighborhood resident will come in the unrest have not because it has the potential to secure themselves in this environment.
Everything vibrates. We live in energy. Energy vibrates. All forms are built from the same building blocks: energy. Each particle is connected to other particles. Each form has an aura. Some are so compacted that the aura almost can not be detected. We are also in primary energy flows. The earth energy flowing into the cosmos and the cosmic energy flows into the earth. Everything is in perfect balance, you could say, but constantly in motion. If we form our own (body) could see as the energy, it would be more obvious to us to connect with primary energies and in the movement to join.
All people have an aura, an energy which our thoughts, feelings and physical condition to reflect. If our aura vibrates so that we can imagine that our surroundings influence this oscillation. Negative emotions vibrate heavily, for example, positive light. If we are sick will our child to feel that connection, disease vibrates else. If we press that have been shaking in our aura. If we are tired we send that to our child. If we feel something and not share with the child, the child may also become confused: the experience somewhat, but it is not confirmed by the parent. The child can then all magical thoughts about his own role in the whole: I do it well? Or experience that the double messages received; against him is a quiet look older, but within the war. And that is precisely what the child observes and is confused.

The sixth principle is:

Each child organizes the world through their senses and can become overstrung.

Each sensory (eyes, ears, skin, taste / odor, and the psychic senses as the chakras) organizes for us our experiences, but the stimuli by the nervous system are transmitted to the brain remain to be processed. And there lies the crux. If there are (too) much as is observed that unconsciously (ie in children) happens, there is much to be processed. If this cognitive brain is not used (left and right brain), which young children are still not sufficient, it is extremely likely that the limbic system to work, where the anxiety and aggression regulation no longer takes place, but especially from instinctive reactions responded. The autonomic nervous system is triggered, the sympathetic part of various processes in the body, cortisol and adrenaline will be created, the blood is increased, the brain activity increases and the body all the observations into feelings. Children can observe the stress response because they have sweaty hands, or getting (shoulders and back). They can be mobile or have anger attacks. To combat it, the incentives are removed. The other part: the parasympaticus the case and calms the body again.
The child must learn to deal with on course stimulation (the older too) and learn to understand when the stimulation begins: that an event can be expressed by the child to go through some thoughts, fearful performances etc. But in the case of the young child, the parent or the teacher who must identify where it begins and that the adventures will be organizing for the child. In a world increasingly price gives incentives we need as a parent and teacher also again ask what is and is not suitable for young children (think also to the TV and PC) and we have to balance what is and no irritation caused by the child. The body is a fragile shell that can be protected. We will the child have to help a lot back to little. Since it is still not the best trade-offs may be we do this for them.

Courage and wisdom