2012 Ascension or Calamity??

Where will you be by 2012… Ascension or Calamity

As we approach 2012 things will start to speed up and the PTW will get more and more desperate. We will be subjected to more negativity with regard to 2012 and less positive. We all need to be aware and keep the lighted spark going.

The PTW know how to control the masses and have done so for eons. They do this with all sorts of brainwashing and mind control on a massive scale. This has been going on for thousands of years. With the suppressing of all sorts of technology and denying us of who we really are and our past lives and histories. This has been executed beyond our scope of understanding. They have out witted us time and time again. However, it is our turn to turn the tables. And we will.

We all know how easy it is to hijack the mass population minds and direct there thoughts towards cataclysmic events> as has been projected by so many people, religions, and all sorts of prophets pushing the 2012 story further towards a negative outcome.

Most of us know that the mass population is and has been in the past subjected to mind control by them. It's not difficult to control someone’s thought pattern and create it in our reality. The PTW know this and constantly use these power tools to control us.

As we are approaching 2012 most of us more or less have a good idea what to expect with upgrades with our DNA, Accension, 5th 6th and higher dimensions.

Now bearing this in mind we are fast approaching the most amazing transformation we will experience in 25000 years. I believe it is going to be mindboggling!!! In fact when my inner self really thinks about what we are to expect and putting aside all the negativity with cataclysmic scenarios. I feel on top of the world. My hairs stand on end.

The PTW know this and I believe that this will be their last ditch attempt to control our minds, and direct our thought patterns with the release of these extremely negative films and all sorts of images within the next few months. They are desperate and will continue any way which can to hijack our thoughts and direct them towards a calamitous outcome.

I believe there are another 2 or 3 films being released about this as well.

Can you imagine how the masses are going to react to all this incoming hype about the 2012 scenario. This will be on people minds 24/7. They won't realize it but they will all be inputing towards a very real cataclysmic event which they have helped towards the manifestation!!! Everyone will be talking about it. Even worse if they believe it, they will make it happen!! Expect a huge influx of people trying to find out what is going on these coming months. People will be seeking all sorts of advise about 2012!!! They will be asking all sorts of questions…And they will be reading all sorts of negativity.

So be prepared all Lightworkers…all Followers…all Servers of the Devine plan.

We are all here for a reason to WAKE UP THE MASSES.

This will be a pivotal point towards our Mass Thought Projection and Hijacking of our Minds.

Don’t let them control our thoughts.

Let us tilt our flow of positive energy towards the light.

And enjoy the Change that will transform our lives.

WE WILL WIN. And it’s up to you to do your part.

Slowly slowly we are all remembering….

Which way will you tilt?? Ascension or Calamity??