October 3, 2009

Is it predictive programming or just another cheesy Hollywood remake? Dan Bradley’s remake of the classic 1984 movie Red Dawn is now underway in Detroit, Michigan. It will be released next September.

Instead of Russians and Cubans invading America, this time it will be the Chinese. How appropriate. The U.S. currently owes China trillions. Since there is probably no way we can ever repay this debt, is it possible China will take control of the country?

In 2005, Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, allegedly proposed invading and occupying America, not as a result of a staggering and unpayble debt, but rather for the sake of lebensraum, the German word for “living space.” Here’s what Mr. Haotian supposedly said:

From a humanitarian perspective, we should issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave America and leave the land they have lived in to the Chinese people. Or at least they should leave half of the United States to be China’s colony, because America was first discovered by the Chinese. But would this work? If this strategy does not work, then there is only one choice left to us. That is, use decisive means to “clean up” America, and reserve America for our use in a moment. Our historical experience has proven that as long as we make it happen, nobody in the world can do anything about us. Furthermore, if the United States as the leader is gone, then other enemies have to surrender to us.
Predictive programming or just another remake by a movie industry bankrupt of creative imagination? You decide.