On October 7, 2001, the United States attacked Afghanistan.

Today, on the eighth anniversary of the war, the generals are requesting another escalation of 40,000 American troops for next year, as well as a rapid expansion of the Afghan national army and police. The Obama administration is re-evaluating its strategy and considering not sending the additional troops. But President Obama is still saying that he does not plan to substantially reduce current troop levels.

We need this war to end.... understand how important it is to raise social consciousness ..and take back our freedom....remember this post?

Ultimate Reality and War

several months ago..I ran across someone who wrote something and claimed..all of our problems are because of the "Jews"...I got angry (EGO)...then I made a statement in tears and anger...on a thread called "who am I"..this part I want to share...

Who am I? I'm a mother of three sons, and one grandchild. I'm a musician, I'm the one you pass at the market when shopping...I cry at sad movies, and happy endings. I'm the one you honk at at the traffic light because I'm changing the radio station and not paying attention to the light. I'm the one who can't stand to see the starving children in deprived countries. I'm the one who stood by and watched the twin towers fall in disbelief. I'm the one who watched the United States go to war for the sake of oil and power. I'm the one who woke up to the fact that it is all an illusion...one created to use us against each other.

I'm the one who want's to wake up and find that the illusion is over..that mankind stood up and said ...we are through with your lies...we want only the truth and nothing else will be acceptable. We will stop working your war machine...we want nothing to do with your power agendas. we want to see the starvation end, and the suffering ended. We want the children to be nothing but loved. We hold our future dear to us and will not accept your blaintent lies. we don't care about your boarders...we care about our neighbors...we send them love. We bless them with kindness and giving. We will rebuild our future with strength of compassion. Hate is not a word we use in our vocabulary. Giving is our key to success.

Then and only then will the tears I shed today turn tears of joy. Then mankind can collect the grand prize....the universal prize of humanity shedding it's mask of animal behavior.....and we will be able to join the ranks of Sharing universal love of humanity and creation throughout the universe.

Why do wars start:

This is grossly oversimplified, but it's basically not much different than robbery. That other country has something we want, let's take it away from them. The "something" can be land, resources, people (to convert to a different religion, for work, etc). The "something" can also be power, if the war-starting country perceives "the other guys" to be powerful, and decides to take them out before they get too powerful. Take a big dose of greed, add in a few dashes of fear, and season with a disregard for human life, and you get the recipe for war.

This world was crated complete..one large mass...not separated by countries...boarders...We..the ego driven society made boarders..we made countries...created and formed by WAR...

Sad really..the separation...the isolation...unity for what? A Country? Is that who we are? Are we a country...I am an American? No I'm just me..living in a nation..that was created from the struggle of war based on Freedom that is slowly being taken away. Created by society structure..and above all...Power over other nations

That is the Ultimate Reality of War
social Consciousness needs to rise above the injustice..above the decisions that are laid out, and take back our power of Knowing the truth

so anyone here in the United States ...please contact the White House at
202-456-1111 or http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/d...wGK5RxUkkx94Zb

Tell President Obama not to send more troops to Afghanistan, to withdraw our troops and to promote peace.

Be the change