My Friends,

I am taking the liberty to address you with a rather unusual here, but pressing request.

A couple of days ago, the following was brought to my attention:

It appeared, that the ritual slaughter of dolphins is being planned this November, in the Faroe Islands.

See it here: Stop The Bloody Tradition Of The Faroe Islands

Briefly: "This petition has been created to target to the horrible bloody practice, which is still taking place in the heart of the European Union and which belongs to the middle ages but not to the modern society. Every November inhabitants of Faroe Islands* come to the sea to teach their sons to kill. The subject of this millennium tradition, aimed to make men out of boys, are confiding and very human-friendly dolphins - 1500 animal units every year. We feel confident, that such cruelty towards the fauna is absolutely unacceptable in the century in the face of the massive damages of the civilization." [...]

The sight of this slaughter being happily executed by those fellow humans, who choose to express their 'manhood' by so brutally killing one of the most innocent, harmless and human-friendly creatures of this planet deeply touched me.
I just can not understand it.

I have been contacting friends and soul brothers and sisters, as here, at this forum; have alerted the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, GreenPeace International, Humane Society USA and, locally, the Dutch green and environment-friendly political parties and groups - two of which, the Dutch socialist party and their green partners, called 'GroenLinks', have taken the case to the Dutch Parliament - but, of course, still more needs to be done.

We all know, how desperately slow our institutions work and time is alas running out, for this ritual is scheduled for November.

Do please help stop this barbaric practice; support the petition, give the word forward, inform friends and acquaintances, involve your networks, rally each and all!

Dolphins do not deserve such a treatment from mankind; those are definitely not the terms of our natural covenant with them.