This was just posted by a user at Alex Jones pp forum. I'll paste it here as I think it is great information.. the article mirrored many of my thoughts about the reptilian thing.

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Hello, everyone. My name's Joel. This is the first time I've posted a new topic, so go easy on me. Just to let you know some of my background, I was basically born into the Air Force. Both my parents were Air Force. My mother got out when she got pregnant but my dad stayed in until I was 9 and retained his officer habits until I joined up myself at 17. I only did one hitch but I feel more like I was in for 21 years instead of 4. I did actually make the rank of Sergeant (E-4) before I got out. The reason I got out (and I occasionally kick myself in the ass for it -- I'd be retired now!) is because I couldn't stand the federal government bureaucracy and stupidity at my last assignment, the NSA. I was a korean linguist. I got almost 2 years of korean, korean, korean, crypto school and upgrade training. I got to actually be a korean linguist for a year. Then they sent me to NSA and cross-trained me in traffic analysis. A little over a year of that and I thought: "No more! This is bullsh*t!!!" and got out. Okay, so the point of all this is that once they trained me to take in huge quantities of seemingly random bits of disconnected information and make from these bits a cohesive, comprehensible picture, well, once I learned this I never lost the habit. I still analyze everything to death. Frequently, this is a quality that paralyzes me into inaction. Gotta analyze. But sometimes I hit on something that really fits the big picture. Here goes:

So, I was sitting at my computer this morning listening to Alex Jones interview David Icke on Youtube (TheAlexJonesChannel) and although neither of them discussed reptilians, several of the Youtube comments were about the reptilians. As I read these it struck me exactly what the reptilians are: A counter-intelligence operation. It also struck me that several posters were also bringing up that clip of Alex (from way back) saying that David Icke was full of sh*t. Now, I'd imagine all here are well aware that Alex and David have patched up their differences and that Alex has said that he agrees with about 98% of what David Icke is saying, but my second realization was that Alex was one of the first victims and key targets of this counterintelligence operation. And then the whole picture just popped into my head. Let's give this counter-intel op a name. Call it Project Lizard.

One quick preface: I think we all have a story of how we awakened to all this crazy **** that's going on. My first enlightenment into the concept that something VERY wrong has been going on was spiritual. Being analytical about everything is how I finally clued in to the details. David Icke had a spiritual awakening also and then he got analytical about it, so I think I have a good idea of where he's coming from. Now, when I listen to Alex Jones, I get the feeling his awakening was more analytical first and spiritual later on (just a feeling). The point here is that the awakening details one learns spiritually are a little different than the awakening details one learns analytically. They can even seem to contradict. Well, as Ayn Rand'll tell ya, there are no contradictions. If you find a contradiction you have to go back and re-check your premises.

Project Lizard worked like this. David Icke had a spiritual awakening. Not long thereafter, he started talking about it. People immediately started calling him a "nutter". Then David Icke started analyzing the details of the NWO, he started talking about that too. But instead of going analytical in the direction of someone like Alex Jones, who focuses more on legalities, recent world history and current events, David started analyzing ancient mythology, prophecy, symbolism, secret societies and how they all tie together. This is where the NWO scum saw their opening for Project Lizard.

You see, one of the NWO's biggest weapons is their use of symbolism. They use it to communicate with each other, hiding in plain sight. They use it to mark their property. They use it so that they can take advantage of the psychological impact, often subconscious, that symbolism has on people, especially people whose belief systems utilize symbolism as well.

For example: The NWO makes their plans specifically to mirror certain prophecies (like apocalyptic prophecies) in order to raise the overall level of fear in those whose belief systems embrace these prophecies. They also mirror prophecies in order to convert people over to belief systems that embrace these prophecies and thus raise their fear level too. Apocalyptic prophecies are scary. How can a mere man stand against demons? How can anyone hope to save their family if it's the "end times"? How can I change anything if this is all preordained by God?

What overall effect does this have? Well, if people think the end is coming, they buy guns and ammo. They buy lots of food. They stock up on medicine. And the NWO has all this in a database somewhere so they can identify the gun owners, food hoarders etc. The NWO increases fear through many means, of which apocalyptic prophecy mirroring is only one. Basically, they are trying to get us to kill each other.

Back to David Icke and Project Lizard. The NWO people saw David Icke's belief in the power of symbolism and mythology. They saw David noticing the repeated snake and reptile symbolism of the ages and decided to play him. They started sending credible seeming counter-intel operatives to David with stories of the reptilians or "shifters". Knowing how skilled these NWO scuzbags are in psychological manipulation, it is possible that the counter-intel operatives were as credible to David as they were specifically because they believed what they were telling him. Post-hypnotic suggestion, drugs, threats to life and limb, threats to family etc., etc. are ALL very persuasive in getting someone to "realize" that 2+2=5.

Basically, David was getting too close to the truth with his research into symbolism so they sent in people with misinformation that seemed to match the theme of what he was discovering. Next thing you know, David is telling people about the reptilians. From the few David Icke films I've seen, I only recall him saying that he is reporting what he has been told by others, but even so, the net result is that people believe that David Icke believes that we are being ruled by an alien race of cold-blooded monsters.

Creating this perception of David Icke and the reptilians is useful to the NWO in several ways:

It is such an unbelievable notion that if you aren't listening carefully and critically, it would lead you doubt David's credibility in other areas of the NWO scheme, the very ones about which he is absolutely correct.
It is this lack of associated incredibility that, I believe, led Alex Jones to dissociate himself from the ideas of David Icke way back when. The result: A rift between two anti-NWO leaders (a rift which has since, thank goodness, been bridged) who should have been working together all along and joining their perceptions as they do today. It is a perfect example of divide and conquer and, despite David and Alex working beautifully together now, you still see this perception of a division between the two of them on the message boards. They weren't just trying to divide Alex and David, they were trying to divide their respective audiences into opposed camps. They have actually succeeded with the latter.
The concept of humanity being ruled by cold-blooded alien monsters is scary on the same level as apocalyptic prophecy, in that folks who believe in these things are often horrified into a state of hopelessness and inaction, into a state of fear induced brain death (which is exactly the goal of the NWO). "How can you fight demons?" becomes "How can you fight alien lizard beings with superior technology and control of all cash on the planet?"

The fact of the matter is that you can't fight demons or alien lizard beings. And in that fact is our salvation from these perceived horrors. IF the NWO is SOOOO superior that they can call on actual demons and/or super-teched alien lizard beings, then they wouldn't have ever had to pull the big banking frauds, stage the mega-death inducing wars of the 20th and, now, 21st century and hypnotize us all with mainstream media pap. They could have just called on their legions of demons and lizards and taken over immediately. IF they could have won with the Nazi/Fascist "take it all by force" method, they would have. But since there really aren't any demons (except maybe those in our own souls) or superior lizard beings (except maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), they had to take the incremental Fabian socialist route. The proof that all this apocalyptic prophecy stuff and alien lizard stuff is just a bunch of counter-intel **** is in the methods that were actually adopted by the NWO. They will do anything to induce fear. Project Lizard (i.e. send hypnotized people to lie to David Icke) fits this motif perfectly.