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Thread: Stargate Universe TV series on Scy-Fy

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    Stargate Universe TV series on Scy-Fy

    New series in the SG-franchise is airing these days.

    Double season premiere aired Friday one week ago, Ep03 aired yesterday.

    First two episodes looked good, production seems to have somewhat of a budget this time, with more known actors/actresses from what I could make of it.

    Worth a look!


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    Re: Stargate Universe TV series on Scy-Fy

    Great show, but they went and cancelled it! Bastards! It was just starting to get good too! 2 seasons, that's all it got. I'm surprised they let them finish out the season.

    All I know, is that myself and a lot of other people are pissed that it's now gone. They better bring it back or at least some other network better pick it up.

    It was very accurate to what is going on in our world and outside of it. Lots of good information there. I guess the elite didn't want us to use it as a tool to wake up and learn what they are truly up to.

    SGU is and will continue to be truly missed by fans like me! Hell, I still miss SG1 and SGA. SG-Atlantis should have never been cancelled either. And they did a piss-poor job ending that one. At least with SG-Universe they wrote it so they could pick up again at ANY time.
    The truth IS out there! We just tend to look in all the wrong places.

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