i recently attended a Bashar seminar. i was fascinated by a person in the audience who asked "how to deal w the all of the negative government/tptb who have other plans for us"... his reply was:

(i'm paraphrasing as i remember it) "why do you need to worry about what "they" are doing?" change to a different frequency/parallel reality, and "they" won't be able to find you.

DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE A GRASP ON PARALLEL REALITIES? how do you jump to another parallel reality.

in another seminar, i saw on youtube, a woman was watching the evening news and saw that a brush fire was closing in on her house. she prayed and meditated, then was amazed to see the fire change directions. she asked bashar was it bec. she prayed and meditated that her house was saved. he replied: "no, you jumped at that instant to a different or parallel reality. your house was in the fire in anonther reality, but you chose to change yours."

FASCINATING!.... would like to know how i can change to difft. reality during these crazy times.