The latest from the pen of AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper— author of such best-sellers as Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The Golem, The Judas Goats, Target: Traficant, Dirty Secrets and more . . .

There’s just so much silly mis-information and deadly dis-information out there about the New World Order that it’s time we have a book that explains the truth—the UNEXPURGATED facts—in no uncertain terms. That’s what THE NEW BABYLON does.

Don’t let them lie to you!

CERTAIN SELF-STYLED “PATRIOTS” spend a lot of time (andmake a lot of money) putting out videos talking about the NewWorld Order. But the sorry truth is thatmany of these characters just simply refuse to bare the facts about what the New World Order is really all about.

So, in a sense, the producers of these videos are actually doing the bidding of the forces behind the New World Order. They are misdirecting good Americans and other patriots in other nations by providing false information. That’s why THE NEW BABYLON is must reading. You need to know precisely what the New World Order really is and who’s behind it.

available from American Free Press .net - this does look like a good one.
Anything that exposes the immense power of the corrupt Rothschilds is good in my books! Will post a detailed review once i have read it.