Found this on my travels... Just keep chipping away...

Hi to all Web Warriors.

Huh? Yes, everyone who speaks out by \"typing out\" against the oppressive tyranny of the New World Order is a Web Warrior.

Make no mistake our kind of warrior is extremely important. No matter how small of space your words take up, should you think people not notice, you\'re wrong; people do notice. Our words do matter. They spin the world, they make it go round, and that is for real.

The New World Order uses words to twist perceptions, and realities of the masses on a whim; which they used to do fairly easily before the age of the Internet, but now the truth can echo for almost an infinity inside of this little virtual reality; it reverberates into the physical world. We now have the power to call the elite almost immediately on their lies; which faster than ever before are being seen as contradicting.

See folks, the battle we wage each time we punch one key, and then another, and another is the battle for our Hearts, Minds, and Liberties; these three things are what the Elite prey on like exquisite parasites living off of their host; which had no clue until now. They are pros, and have used their skills of manipulation for generations, upon generations to twist the very Hearts, Minds, and Souls of what they consider their serfs.

All in all, every time we \'out\' one of their lies a little quicker than they\'d like, it changes things; it alters the public perception from what they had intended.

It is through our action on this very World Wide Web that is making the difference. Because of our actions, their intent has become clear for what it is: Evil, whispering persuasion in the ears of many many innocent peoples.

Everyday there are more Web Warriors, our numbers have grown exponentially, but we need more; we need YOU! How many here realize the risks taken by the early pioneers of the information revolution by speaking out? I did a long time ago, and it is one reason I started writing; as I realized the more of us there are, the less anyone of us have to fear being silenced.

I would urge every single one of you who reads this to try writing at least once a week; somewhere, anywhere just as long as you get the truth out there.

Make your voice heard, and be the Web Warrior that you are. This is no joke, it\'s very serious; beyond many people\'s comprehension. Make no mistake the impact of our words saves lives.