Tag Line: No Goats, No Glory:

A new comedic film provides a glimpse into super soldiers and psychic warfare while providing serious laughs and the all important “plausible deniability.”

The Men Who Stare At Goats stars George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, and Ewan McGregor, and Kevin Spacey.
It is based off a book of the same name.

The book by Jon Ronson is about the U.S. Army's exploration of New Age concepts and the potential military applications of the paranormal. The title refers to attempts to kill goats by staring at them.

The book examines connections between paranormal military programs and psychological techniques being used for interrogation in the War on Terror. The book traces the evolution of these covert activities over the past three decades, and sees how they are alive today within U.S. Homeland Security and post-war Iraq. It examines the use of the theme tune to Barney the Dinosaur on Iraqi prisoners-of-war, the smuggling of a hundred de-bleated goats into the Special Forces command centre at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the connection between the U.S. military and the mass-suicide of a cult from San Diego.[1]

The movie based on the book, was produced by Winchester Films, BBC Films and Mandate Pictures. Grant Heslov is directing from a script by Peter Straughan. Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges and Robert Patrick will star opposite Clooney. The movie is set in Iraq (filmed in Comerío Street, Bayamón, Puerto Rico) and centers on Bob Wilton (McGregor), a desperate reporter who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady (Clooney), who claims to be a former secret U.S. Military psychic soldier re-activated post-9/11. Bridges will play Bill Django, the founder of the psychic soldier program and Lyn's mentor. Spacey will play Larry Hooper, a former psychic soldier who is running a prison camp in Iraq.[2] It was filmed at the New Mexico Military Institute.

Some disclosure related synchronicity:

Stare at Goats= Stare at Baphomet= psychic powers of a dubious nature
The New Earth Army logo is a pyramid with an ALL Seeing Eye.

There is a lot going on in this film… Especially hillarity.