By James Gillihand of ECETI

Watching the events unfold as of late I wonder if any of us are asking ourselves if there is the possibility our perceptions just might not be correct. On what facts do we base our beliefs and where do we acquire these facts. I was sent an email for me to jump on the Obama band wagon and send money. I asked them if they really be lie ved the acting president really can carry out any other agenda than the one given to him by the Global Elite? I also asked him if so why support the problem why not support the solution? Why continue to participate and support the wars, the greed, the enslavement of humanity through dependency etc. when there has always been a choice not to participate? The truth now is so convoluted and reversed we no longer know who is wearing the white hats or the dark hats. Unless of course you are paying attention to the obvious.

We are moving into a new place in the universe where humanity is going to take a quantum leap in consciousness. There are those who are pulling out all the stops to prevent this. They are using chemicals, biologicals, the media generating waves of fear through psychotronics, HAARP etc. yet despite all this there are those who still want us to participate in the status quo, even donate to it. I asked the Obama supporter if there is now transparency in government why are they still sparying us with chemtrails replete with carcinogenic and deadly chemicals not to mention biologicals in the ongoing aerosol spraying which is global? If he is the commander and chief why does he allow this? I asked why are they still hiding the fact that ufos are here, have been here for a long time and due to the prepondence of evidence are still here and the sightings have escalated. I also asked why are we still in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan is escalating and why did they give billions of dollars to the very people who created the economic meltdown and watch millions of people loose their jobs their houses etc. At what point do you stop and say wait a minute everything they have promised us was a lie. When are we going to wake up and realize this same scam has been going on for centuries and we have fallen for it? I wonder what is wrong with base common sense, where did the critical thinking go? I watch the planes go over with their aerosol spraying program, people getting sick, elderly dying, the bees dying and analysis shows ethelynedibromide a banned carcenogenic pesticide and aluminum oxide raining down on us and people wonder where are the bees and butterflys going? They should be asking where are the people going and why has my health gone into the toilet. Ever wonder why people are dropping dead in marathons? An already compromised body along with the stress of a marathon then add the deadly chemicals pumped even faster through the system and it is obvious.

I have watched my own immune system and physical strength dwindle as the massive chemtrail spraying continues yet where is our commander and chief who is sworn to protect and serve? Is he ignorant of the massive military operation? Come on people figure it out and don't ask me for one red penny until the shenanigans end and the promises are kept. There are fueless energy technologies available, cures for disease even the ones created in the laboratories with your tax dollars which are spread among the masses to create the epidemics. We have everything we need to live a prosperous abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. The manufactured lack is a by product of separative, greedy psychopaths who profit greatly at the expense of humanity and the earth. How much longer are we going to support this and wave flags to a long lost government and country? Better yet why is no one asking these questions in main stream media upon which most rely upon for facts to create their beliefs? Frankly after dealing with another flu bout and being sprayed at a very low level with chemtrails before hand it is not too hard to connect the dots.
I do not like writing articles such as these nor make it my focus yet it seems so many are entirely clueless of what is unfolding right in front of their very noses. Aho Golden Wolf

James Gillihand
Eceti Ranch
Trout Lake,Washington